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  1. - will i be able to switch planes without going to main menu? - is there going to be a replay function? - tropical water like in the trailers?
  2. epic e1000 would be nice.. Similar to TBM 930, but differrent.. 🙂 it just got certified btw.. https://www.aopa.org/news-and-media/all-news/2019/november/07/epic-e1000-turboprop-certified
  3. i do hope my jaw will drop 😁. i was thinking of something like tail plane stall in icing conditions.. like described here: https://www.apstraining.com/resource/tail-plane-stall-differentiating-from-main-wing-stal/
  4. yes, the visual effect is there, but does it affect aerodynamics / weight correctly? is frozen static port simulated for example?
  5. Icing simulation : - SLD icing - rime icing - freezing rain / drizzle - icing induced stall - for example flaps selected on iced airframe can cause sudden stall on approach/landing - probes icing simulation - incorrect speed / altitude
  6. thanks, i'm in the EU so prices are a bit higher.. i still hope they will implement the VR mode at launch or soon after..
  7. yes, i've seen some good reviews for reverb. maybe i'll sell the explorer and get the reverb for xmas. 🙂
  8. in 2020 the VR HMDs will improve. i'm using lenovo explorer HMD for DCS and XP11. despite low res and other flaws i do 100% prefere the VR experience to 4k screen.
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