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  1. Lol you haven't tried it but yet you are forming an opinion? If you try it you won't go back to monitor flying.
  2. Yes! IFR plates in the game...like a virtual kneeboard so we can get all our info in the cockpit without having to exit the game or take off our VR helmets. Fully functional GPS and ATC would be cool. Everything done with virtual hands or mouse, and eventually hand tracking.
  3. Actually...I went from TIR to a full cockpit build. After tyring VR, my cockpit build is now in the closet.
  4. Who cares about anything else if there isn't VR? That is what you guys who don't fly VR don't seem to grasp.
  5. Ok here is the list: VR Everything else in your list, and in this thread is secondary to VR.
  6. How does one start a poll? I would be interested in polling how many people requesting TIR for MSFT 2020 have actually tried VR. Also would like to pole how many VR naysayers in general have tried it. This was me when I tried TIR for the first time: "Cool...I don't have to use the hat switch anymore." This was me when I turned the hdg bug on my physical panel for the first time. "Cool...I can actually turn the knob." This was me when I tried VR for the first time...and every time since: "Wow...it's like I'm sitting inside the fing plane!"
  7. The title says "what we want" and "we" want VR. I have seen numerous posts about wanting TIR...why is everyone so butthurt over VR??? Why would MSFT add TIR capability when we have VR ?? VR is to TIR what TIR was to the hatch switch. Why would I need a real plane? I can fly anywhere I want in my basement...no expense...no upkeep...no risk. It is just as enjoyable to fly around in VR as it would be in a real plane...but I can do it anywhere in the world. 🙂
  8. " Using a triple monitor setup with a yoke or sidestick (depending on aircraft), rudder pedals, throttle quadrant and MCP. I can physically touch the majority of the elements I interact with in the cockpit. They are real, I can see their positions and manipulate them physically. Having been in a 6-axis full-motion sim and having used a VR headset, my personal opinion is that I prefer my setup over VR. VR might 'place me in the sim', but all my interactions with it are virtual. To me, my setup feels closer to that of the full-motion sim than with hanging a headset on my head and seeing nothing of the real world. You like your way. I like mine. It's like ice cream flavours - personal taste. Right, we're boring people with OT posts re: VR. Back on-topic. Don't know if it was mentioned earlier. I want the ability to jump-ahead, similar to the feature in the QW787, but for all aircraft. The jump to a new position should place me at the correct time of day and the fuel used as if I had actually simulated flying it at 1x sim speed. Would save several hours of nothingness in the cruise over the Pacific, central Russia at night or the Indian Ocean. I no longer have the time to run long-haul even at 4x sim speed. Edited November 10 by 188AHC" I was banned for talking about VR in a "What we want" topic lol. Go figure. Anyway, in response to you thinking VR is a step backwards is just plain wrong. VR is the next evolution in gaming/simming. Single monitor setup with HAT switch. Multimonitor setup with HAT switch TIR Physical panel for instruments VR Full motion simulator replica or a real airplane. (I would choose VR over a full motion sim or a real airplane) I fly with my saitek yoke and rudder pedals, and work the throttles and instruments with my virtual hands...but I can easily use my saitek throttles too. I don't know what kind of experience you had, but I suspect VR naysayers had a weak system or something. My (32GB 2080ti PC runs it smooth and the graphics are as clear as they were on my ultrawide gaming monitor. I just flew Aerofly Innsbruck scenery pack with the piper turbo 3 addon and it was simply amazing. It is quite something watching the moonlight come across your wing as you are banking in VR. Until you have experienced it with a good system, you won't know what you are missing out on. The best way I can think to explain the difference with VR, to those who have not experienced it, is you go from being a simmer to being an aviator. P.S. When Oculus comes out with hand tracking it will be the icing on the cake...then I will use physical yoke, throttles, rudder pedals, and to all the instruments with my hands. That would be the ultimate experience.
  9. Ya I used to like to get up and watch tv during long legs of IFR...I can still do it by just taking off the headset, but I hear ya. My suggestion is to try it...you might find a new fondness for flying VFR in VR...something I rarely did with my homebuild.
  10. I had all the same concerns. IFR is easier in VR...both setting up and flying. The solution to the kneeboard is a virtual kneeboard. Flyinside lets you pin windows and drag them around in the cockpit which is cool. You can change location, aircraft, settings, time etc without ever leaving vr or your flight. You can create flight plans that will set everything up automatically, or you can set everything up (while in VR) or not before your flight. I do everything in VR because I find turning the knobs with my virtual hands easier than the mouse. As far as ILS frequencies, I used to get all that information from the garmin gps..so give me a plane with the garmin gps and that's all I need. It would be cool to have approach plates in a popup window...pilots use ipads now not paper charts so it's even better. Checklists would be the same...just pop up a window. It's all doable. There is no reason you should ever need your keyboard or need to read off a piece of paper when flying VR or in the real world these days.
  11. What we need is VR. Everyone talking about things to make their experience more realistic yet they are still simming through a monitor! WAKE UP PEOPLE! 🙂 If you aren't flying VR you aren't flying. Take it from me...I went from a full cockpit build to VR. https://photos.app.goo.gl/3sNvGZJmUhauFwty5
  12. I guess it's because they have their own forum as mentioned.
  13. That's not why... they are one of the most popular sims for VR flying along with Aerofly and DCS...both of which have forums.
  14. RPG's already...now we have guardian space to walk around in...sports, boxing, COD...GTA etc. Everything is better in VR. But anyway back to my original question...why no flyinside forum?
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