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  1. They've said that they want feedback, suggestions etc. by the people who "work" with this SDK. Since this SDK is still in development, too it would IMHO not ne the best way to release it to everybody...
  2. 'The new hardware it has been shown on does.' Your words, so what are they? I am still waiting
  3. I am still waiting for official hardware specs to review the arguments...
  4. See? You have nothing official to contribute as we all do not (in some terms). Come back, when you had your hands on it
  5. Wait a second... 'according to the post MFS was running on' This has not been proven... I asked for an official statement. All else would be speculation, see?
  6. I do not know what a Tensor Core is... I want to know, where they officially said, which hardware was used at their closed/ public events... I just saw some monitors, yokes, throttles and stuff
  7. Nice to see this discussion have moved from the x-plane forum to here...
  8. The one who shouted the loudest was a guy on Linux and I asked him many times, why he even cares... I am happy I maybe will have another cool sim besides X-Plane 11 and whatever someone likes as a sim, I coulnd't care less!! Exciting times ahead!! Happy flying!
  9. Since the flight simulator just invites you to fly below 12,000 ft., I take everything with one or two propellers, regardless of whether it's a Piston or TProp and with up to 20 passengers. BN-2 Islander for coastal flights, EMB-110, Twotter, Cessna 404, DHC-3T, Navajo, PC-6, Tecnam P2012 or the new Cessna Skycourier.
  10. Saab 2000, Dornier Do-328, B1900D and the Twotter 🙂
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