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  1. since its already been announced as an insider game, i think most people will get hands on before this game comes out, i believe it will be like sea of thieves. with time windows and them trying out different back end systems. The one thing i took out of the SEA of Thieves early access is that they will play with things just to get bugs and reports in so if you do get hands on early don't expect it to be like the final product. As for an actual release date summer 2020? I'm going to guess Aug 2020 and be happy if it comes out before then.
  2. Forgot to add, with the radio to have a company FRQ, so for example playing with friends or joining a virtual airline we can use that frq to chat and talk (with the ability to lock overs out of this frq) so we don't bother or have other people using that FRQ. should also ask for the ability to listen and talk on multiple frq as well
  3. My Wish list An app that i can use on my phone to look up Airport info, gps and check on aircraft info like fuel, Maybe even make the FMC on the app Realistic Air Traffic, for example being told to slow down due to traffic at airport by the computer ATC Realistic air traffic in mutiplayer Maybe A feature where u can get up and walk down the Aircraft (jets only?) the ability to end a flight at a hanger, after dropping off at the Airport. Cabin Crew Signals Radio / Muti player chats based on real life FRQ used on planes. not 123.45 is open to all realistic fuel burn and transfer from different tanks on a plane Co-share cockpits the ability to add in airports if not in the sim
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