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  1. I am making a custom switch panel using rocker switches and a rasberry pi, but i ran into a small problem while i was assigning the keybinds for my alabeo c404 titan i noticed the landing lights where not working when i flipped the switch. So i checked my connections and the switch outputs and they are all good. So it turned to fsuipc and looked at the log. When i flipped the switch by clicking it with the mouse it printed a custom id. so i tried that and still nothing. So i am at a loss for why the landing lights cant be binded but work when you click on the switch in the sim. All the code does on the pi is send a message over the internet to the pc which then the pc uses the keyboard library for python to emulate a keyboard key press. All of the other lights work such as nav, strobe, and taxi but not the landing lights. I will post the code if asked.
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