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  1. As a Pimax 5K+ owner, I'm supposed to be able to get a discount on this one. But ... it's probably not going to be a steep enough discount to convince my wife...
  2. So.... delayed until the end of this year? Screen door is largely unnoticeable with modern headsets (the newer 2019 headsets) Pimax 8k X Specs: 2x 4K displays ( 3840 x 2160 per eye) at native 4k rendering resolution each, running at 75 FPS (but they are trying to get it up to 80) The challenge is more on the side of the software developers (and GPU manufacturers) to be able to match that potential. The "current tech" is much more capable than it was in 2016.
  3. Latecomer here. I haven't flown Aerofly FS2 in a couple of months, and had no idea this was now a thing. Thanks!
  4. I was a lapsed flight simulator fan until VR. For a while (in the bad ol' original Vive / CV1 days) I was flying about 50/50 VR vs. non-VR. Now I have a Pimax and an Index, and the only time I fly on the flat screen is when I'm trying to get a screenshot with all the options turned on. I didn't bother upgrading from XP 10 to XP 11 until 11 came out with built-in VR support. This is pretty much the case for me going forward. As beautiful as MSFS is, I don't think I'll be picking it up until it has VR support (or if it's on sale and they have a hard promise to add VR support "soon").
  5. As far as the Steam issues and reporting on hardware is concerned... I've had SteamVR running and when it polled me on my hardware, it still said, "No VR Headset detected." So... I don't know how statistically interesting it is, but Steam itself is underreporting how many people have VR headsets attached.
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