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  1. This sim is a master piece. And sorry to say but the majority of issues the hardcore community sees are totally ignored by the majority of players out there. The good thing is that Asobo wants to please also the hardcore community so the patches will come to fix all the problems reported. It will just take time.
  2. There was a known issue with Azure again. Use offline voices instead.
  3. Did you expect a complex product as a flight sim to work flawless from day one? MSFS is way ahead of any sim in the market already. It's the base for others to build upon. It will take time and more patches to fix all the problems. No offense, but f you cannot take it, then go back to P3D or X-Plane and wait until then.
  4. You are supposed to "see" the 50 nearby planes to your position. In my case I'm quite far from that. I barely see other traffics in big airports hub, so to answer the original questions, yes, I see other traffics, although not sure if they are real players or live traffic, definetely I don't see as many planes as I should. Edit: Now it's the first time I really see live traffic working. Many planes around. I don't know if it's because the server needs some time to populate the skies or what.
  5. ATC has been one of the more demanded features in all the updates Asobo gave us, so I expect they will fix it throughout the year. The release date was rushed for some reason we don't know, but I trust they will listen to the community and put some serious efforts into fixing ATC. It cannot be that no sim in the market has managed to make ATC work well in 2020. Neither P3D nor X-Plane... Aerofly FS2 even discarded recently by the time being. We need an ATC that works well in any IFR or VFR conditions and keeping AI planes or real players coordinated.
  6. For most of users out there, the current ATC shown is good enough. If you still want more detail or options then a third party dev will fill that space in the future. Or hopefully, Asobo will improve the ATC in future versions.
  7. https://youtu.be/L8_UZT8nL-U (time:10:30)
  8. I'm quite surprised reading people not being happy with the ATC presented. It improves what FSX offered, and it's way better than X-Plane11 ATC. On top of that, it handles the Live and AI traffic to react to the pilot's actions. Can you imagine the amount of work needed to make this thing work smoothly? Asobo, well done! As a first iteration on the ATC system, I'm really excited about what you guys did.
  9. Yes please! We need a smooth replay system! Actually I was surprised reading about X-Plane as a good reference. I honestly think is terrible: It's clunky, unresponsive, and once you hide the replay bar, is gone, some animations not playing...! The best replay system I have seen is in Aerofly FS2 and it's quite limited. But at least is smooth as butter.
  10. Hi, I just saw the latest change list from the alpha, but with a bunch of input devices support. However I missed one important brand there: Virpil, which has outstanding joysticks and throttles hardware. I own for instance the throttle T-50 and I wonder how much support Asobo will give to these other brands. Do you have any device that is not included in the list? https://virpil-controls.eu
  11. And that's why mutiplayer out-of-the-box will be the most realiable option to fly with real people. The other networks will have to adapt to what Asobo allows them to do.
  12. I'm ditching X-Plane11. It takes too much space in my hard drive with all the photoreal scenery and to be honest I lost interested as soon as I saw the new MSFS2020. I enjoyed a lot X-Plane11 and all the free addons but I feel I need something that is up to graphic standards in 2020. That's why I'm keeping Aerofly FS2. At least that one offers a great experience in VR and -until now- amazing graphics. But those poor guys took a lot of time to develop new features and now they are going to be eaten by this new sim.
  13. Asobo probably worked out a solution for this, as it's one the main problems they faced when they implemented the real traffic. So far they have done an amazing job with the features they presented, so I expect they would have worked some magic to make ATC as real as possible, within the limitations. What solution is? Probably what was mentioned above: everything is live until your plane enters in conflict with a real one. Then probably AI takes control and ATC reacts to fix the situation. Perhaps the real traffic will be controlled by the AI until is out of your range. For me the interesting question is: what will happen when some troll player starts messing around? I guess ATC will give some warning and I want to believe that if he doesn't follow the instructions, he will be disconnected from live multiplayer mode.
  14. I think Vatsim, IVAO... will still have the space for those who wants "human"and more professional interactions talking with real ATC. But definitely I can see less users using these services as the majority will prefer to use what it comes with sim, without installing and signing up other third parties products. So, yeah, you will probably can use those products, but you will also probably see less users connected. For me the whole point of being online is to play/see other users, and this coming out of the box in this new sim is just outstanding!
  15. Yeah, I don't think Microsoft wants to deal with those licensing problems. But I hope they can keep the file system open enough so the users can mod the liveries somehow.
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