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  1. Many many thanks for your support. Indeed I think I was quite confused on usage of the tool. Surely I didn't remember to correctly invoke procedures by right clicking on the airport name in the search window (or in the blue icon like you showed me), and, due to an unknown reason, the system didn't find previous search results. Only told no airport selected....
  2. Yes, it solve ! But I don't remember never had clicked on it: simply selected from "procedures" tab in "search" window if I'm not mistaken .... Thanks however.
  3. I installed the rc and initally nothing change. BUT, i tried to delete the flight plan tab in the flight planning window and then the procedures in the procedures tab in the search window magically reappear. Inexplicable thing. Thanks however for your replies.... Edit: I tried again just now and again the problem is there: no procedure for airports selected, No airport /(selected) is seen as "selected"....
  4. Hi all: before writing I've checked and it seems no one had bumped in this before. All procedures in every airport is gone. The "procedure" tab Always says "No Airport selected" but the airport IS selected and indeed the Airport tab says "1 of 1 Airports selected, 1 visible" It is going me crazy. Anyone has idea of what's going on. I'm on X-plane 11 and navigraph. https://imgur.com/a/WgznV9I Thanks
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