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  1. Hi Dave, Worked :), tried KPSP - KFAT. Got the ALTTA9 arrival with RNAV 11L. Also tried KORD --> KBNA and got RYMMN2 Arrival with ILS 02C :D. Many thanks.
  2. Hi, I setup a flight plan from EGHI --> DVR --> ROLIS --> EDDF without SID and STAR. I cannot get the STAR and approach given by ATC. I've set it up with Active Sky XP and every flight It seems to always say " Expect vectors to ILS, RNAV, VOR xxxx" Nothing is said about the STAR? I've checked all 3 boxes for ATC assigns SIDs, STARs and Approaches. I don't mind programming in the correct STAR into the flight plan. I'm using V2.6 I've unchecked the force runway pilot selection and auto load procedures. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Just doing a nice hop over to Amsterdam from Charles De Gaulle in my 737. I thought i saw the Queen on the ground taxiing to runway :smile:
  4. I detect a Server overload :(, hope not. Get some 1000MBit pipes ready
  5. Excellent stuff, cannot wait. This would be amazing over Austria Professional HD from Flugwerk!, 14GB each!, 6 hours to download :(
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