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  1. I’ve tried them and I have CH Eclipse. Remember that’s only my opinion.
  2. Hello! I’m gonna talk about choosing the yoke for simulation. Today’s fight: CH Products Eclipse Vs Honeycomb Aeronautical. CH Eclipse: Pluses: Good size (a little smaller than Honeycomb) A lot of useless buttons 😁 Good price for it’s quality (180$) Removable throttle quadrant (that’s good cause I’m using one already) 6 axes (ailerons, elevators, rudder, throttle, prop control and mixture) You don’t have to be very strong or accurate to fly (I mean you might feel good when using it) Nice design Nice quality Compact. Doesn’t require a lot of space on your table. Always in stock everywhere! Minuses: First of all, I want to note these rudder pedals. They’re quite useless for me. They’re not so comfortable to use and i’d recommend to use normal rudder pedals for your legs. Really a lot of buttons, maybe it’s not so bad, but well, I don’t use them. That’s all! Now let’s talk about Honeycomb. Honeycomb Aeronautical Yoke: Pluses: Solid looking, coolest design Not a lot of buttons, but you have Master switch, avionics and lights with fuel pump switch (just like c172) You have to be accurate when flying, every your movement causes a strong aircraft movement (I love to fly without caring about every yoke movement) But it’s still a plus for some people Compact too, doesn’t require a lot of space You will really love it Really really good price for this product (200$) High quality Really new Minuses: You really have to be accurate when flying it ITS OUT OF STOCK EVERYWHERE. That’s why I’m waiting for so long And that’s all! They have different pluses and minuses (and some same) so, IMHO, I’ll give: CH Eclipse: 8/10 Honeycomb 8/10 But that’s only my option. If you’re choosing between them, if you live in North America or you just can wait and you’re accurate, get Honeycomb. If you can’t wait and you’re not accurate, get CH Eclipse. Thank you for reading this! I spent a lot of time to make it. And don’t forget, everything I said was only in my option. -Tash
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