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  1. Hello, the last time I updated an airport that included an AFCAD update. I created with PosGen the airport files new. It looked like for me that the upated airport file of this airport was removed by this. Is that an intended behaivor? Normally I cut the updated airport files in such a case to other location, so I get the new file in the updated airports. But this update was minor I thought than I let as it is and safe the time to copy real parkings to the new file. Thank you Michael
  2. Thank you for the explanation. So something is wrong because of editing the xml at my side. I have the same problem with out of business airlines, which are shown after i added some airlines. I will check that.
  3. Hello, ALWAYS_GND_TRAFFIC=true means that the traffic which is taxing is visible or the parked aircrafts? The latter I can't see. And the Taxing traffic was already visible before, wasn't it? Thank you, Michael
  4. Hello together, e.g. the A321 of the FLAi package parks 3 m in front of the parking lines. Other aircrafts like the 737-800 of the FlAi package work perfectly. Does anybody know who to change that? Is there somewhere an offset to define? Thank you Michael
  5. Hello Nico, I do not have the No-RT version. Often i use real traffic in combination with vatsim/ivao. Especially at smaller airports. Maybe there is in future the possibility to bring this feature back. Michael
  6. Hello, I know that the collision avoidance to VATSIM/IVAO traffic was removed intenionally. But flying with VATSIM/IVAO and parked aircrafts looks not really nice when two aircrafts overlap. Maybe there is a way to bring it back in future if there is no technical issue. Thank you Michael
  7. Ok understand. But backwards compatibility could be solved by if one day is not available or not enough available the next day and so on is searched for. The present parked updated files could be continued to used than. This option could be activiated by checkbox, so if somebody doesen't want the day it stays at the old algorithm. Another thing: If a timestamp is behind every real parking position, it would be possible to remove older entries very easy. e.g. I do not want the real parkings < 01.04.2018 anymore.
  8. Hello, first of all thank you for this great addon. It works very well. Have you already thought about adding the day Monday, Tuesday... to the parked update file for every realtime parking? Would it make even more realistic. Best Regards, Michael
  9. Ok what was the reason for removing that option? At least I think it is very nice to see the flight route directly in the simulator.
  10. Hello, in former PSXseecon versions it was possible to see the flight plan (origion and destination) in the vehicle labels of the AI traffic in P3D V4. In the latest PSXseecon versions i couldn't see it anymore. Flight Plan in the settings of vehicle labels is on. Is that known? How can I get this information back? Thank you and regards, Michael
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