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  1. Thanks i will start linda first , if i uncheck start with sim will this also stop linda from starting again when i launch p3d. I have another question , when i have assigned everything i will use the maintainance tab to do a full back up , is says it will do fsuipc also. If at anytime i need to restore the back up to a new hard drive do i still need to install fsuipc 6 or does this get done using the linda restore from the back up.
  2. I have recently reinstalled my entire sim. Linda 3.22 Gui is not showing when i start p3d v4.5 so i cannot edit anything. I am running fsuip 6 and linda is installed in the following location C:\Users\XXX\Documents\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons\FSUIPC6 P3d does say linda ready in the top left but no gui in the task bar or in task manager so i cannot open the window to change button assignments etc. Can anyone post what i need to do to fix this together with any adjustments to the start up line in fsuipc ini to fix this please
  3. I am running p3d v4.5 which has been running fine on triple 1080p monitors set up as 1 in nvidia surround getting 28fps on a 1080 ti and 7700k . I have just removed these monitors and replaced them with a Optoma gt1080 projector but am now only getting 7fps on the same PC . Nothing else has been changed , can anyone help.
  4. I am using a 34 inch ultrawide for p3d v4.5 on a evga 1070ti and i7 7700k and its fine but i want a bigger display for more immersion and FOV. Would my 1070ti be ok with a 4ktv at around 55-65 inch or would i need a 1080ti. Any recommendations on TV size and make and would there be a performance hit. Currently getting 24-28fps average in pmdg 737
  5. Not sure if this question is in the correct place. I have recently moved from fsx to p3d v4.5 and is now working great. Had been trying to use a vr insight cdu2 with no end of problems in fsx (crashes and freezes and more) so have now put it up for sale. I would like a new fmc to use with p3d v4.5 that is easy to set up with pmdg 737 NGXu preferably simple plug and play that does not involve typing lots of scripts etc that does not cause crashes and take lots of system resources. Would like to just plug in and go . I do use the latest version of linda for overhead panel and mobiflight of annunciators. What would be the best and simplest fmc to buy and from where. System i7 7700k 16gb ram gtx1070ti main monitor, gtx970 pfd,nd,upper and lower eicas. Can anyone help
  6. I have home built a 737 overhead panel with just switches and knobs using 2x leo bodnar bbi32 cards, using fsx and registered fsuipc I can assign most of the switches from the dropdown list and they work fine with the fsx 737 base game aircraft but I want the panel to work with a pmdg 737ng . How do I do this via a dropdown list as I am not very good understanding SDK stuff. I have heard that fs linda can be used could anyone help with step by step instructions and example screenshots starting with no smoking and seatbelt switches for pmdg 737 Paul
  7. I Agree there is no way a higher graphics card works like a lower with 2 different cards. All I need to know is if I move to P3D with my current config can I drive another monitor for overhead bringing the total to six without crashes and what sort of framerates can I expect, currently getting 27-32 fps with FSX in current config
  8. I am currently building a home cockpit with 5 monitors running FSX steam edition. I have replaced our 27inch main monitor with a 34 inch ultrawide that works great and have also removed and put up for sale our vr insight cdu2 that was causing problems due to the amount of screens . The current spec is as follows PC i7 7700k GTX 1070TI 8GB GTX 970 4GB FSX Steam edition 1x Samsung ultrawide 34 inch 1440p display port main monitor on 1070ti 2 x Acer 19 inch PFD/ND landscape with dual head 2 go on 970 landscape 1x 10 inch Upper EICAS VGA to hdmi converter on 970 portrait 1 19 inch widescreen monitor Lower EiCAS and FMC's vga to display port converter on 970 landscape PMDG 737 and PMDG 777 I can now run all monitors on each card successfully but occasionally when i change aircraft views fsx freezes and crashes to desktop. Would it be better and more stable to move to P3D V4.5 for this set up.
  9. I am currently building a home cockpit with 5 to 6 monitors running FSX steam edition. PC i7 7700k GTX 1070TI GTX 970 FSX Steam edition 1x Asus 27 inch 1440p display port main monitor on 1070ti 2 x Acer 19 inch PFD/ND landscape with vga to dvi converter on 970 landscape 1x Hans g 19 inch Upper EICAS VGA to hdmi converter 970 portrait 1 10 in vga monitor Lower EiCAS vga to display port converter on 970 portrait flipped 1 vrinsight cdu2 vga to hdmi converter on 1070ti portrait PMDG 737ng I can only run 2 monitors on each card successfully. As soon as I try to use a 5th and start moving undocked panels fsx freezes and crashes. I have tried different combinations but cant get more than 4 without crashing Only the 2 acer monitors are the same resolution Any advice how to get them all working or is 4 the limit for fsx
  10. I am running FSX Steam with 7700k with a 1070TI and need monitor upgrade advice. I Would like single monitor 34 inch or bigger as main display of pmdg 777 cockpit build to mount on wall behind the MIP (that is full size 1580mm long) without loosing FPS or high detail and smoothness. Currently running on asus 27 inch 2560x1440 and looks / runs great but now want to change to a bigger screen for a proper cockpit build. Have looked at LG 34 inch LG 34UC80-B but don't know if a 4k monitor would be better. What would be the biggest and best fit for the project without taking a performance hit with the current pc. Any suggestions and links to suitable monitors with advice would be appreciated
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