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  1. Good that you worked through your issues. I hope others see this and not just stubbornly scroll through to rant an bash. Now with this fix for you. Would you be kind enough to maybe report your findings in detail to Zendesk. They not only like to get bug reports but also like to know how you fixed it. Then they could focus on the issue to try to resolve it for others.Also add to their known issues log. In the end it will be them implementing the fix to the options they have to the users.
  2. As an alpha, and a beta, and a silent but avid post reader of this forum. I have spent countless hours trying to replicate many of the issues here and on the MSFS forums. So I can make a report to Zendesk. Every Zendesk bug report I have made I have got a response. Some have been verified, and forward to the development team. They have not been a lot because I have tested many and not been able to replicate. For I need to be able to give a concise and detailed report of the bug to Zen. As much as I want to help fellow simmers in their desire to have a fully functioning Simulation. I would stress that spending more time developing a fully accurate and professional Bug report to Zen will have a better response to said report. As much as we live in our Microwave ready, raman noodle, eat it now world, please be patient. If everybody would spend more time reporting, with STUDY LEVEL bug report to Zen. Then ranting and raving about how "broken" the sim is. I think it would go a long way to figuring out your issues. And I will tell you a lot of the issues I have had, 80 to 90 percent were operator error, system setup, not knowing the aircraft, and random system anomalies. In other words, on my end. not the simulation. I know it can be hard to look inward and double, triple check everything you mite be doing wrong, I hate it myself, Hell I build and configure Data centers and own my own IT business. But I learned not to be stubborn of my expertise, and remind myself to be humble and to make sure its not something I did wrong. Once I know that everything I got is working as it should. I repeat, research, document report, listen to input from the team, read and google for ideas, correct and see if I can repeat again, then after all that, and it still no go. Then report again. I have had a lot more enjoyable flights in all aircraft than not. The sim is working for me very well. From long hauls, to MP bush flying, to tube liners. Have not reinstalled like many others, Just once in the early alpha, and once to install the retail version. All updates have installed, and making for better performance and a plethora of bug fixes, and newer content. I wish all of you could have just a good experience as I have. But I will remind you is that good experience has come from a lot of work, and a love of simming.
  3. https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/cognitive-services/speech-services/ I suspected this a while ago. Still had link in my history.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAYf6Anaxgo&feature=youtu.be
  5. You know I have always been a freeware kind of guy. But the new Sim has me thinking. New platform? Im looking at the new Orbx airport screenshots that are out there. I just might open my wallet for some of them. IDK whats changed in my thinking. but maybe its worth it now cause its all new.
  6. I can't also. Now with VATSIM on board, and "other things working" as a tester, just haven't been able to even start them. I had a whole ortho4xp project i was going to do for alaska for x-plane. Well I started it but 8 months ago I have not been back.
  7. If your not in the Alpha. Don't speculate. It is kind of pointless at this stage. Just saying.
  8. Why do you think flight simulator is a "game"? Because mSparks told me to think that way.
  9. 😁😁❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️
  10. Ok wow, List on that is 25g. holy moo-la Batman, Does PMDG have one of those?
  11. I will. XP and MSFS. When the sims get better and My rigs get faster. I will enjoy them.
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