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  1. Thanks Bill!! I´ll buy the JF 152, thank you so much!!
  2. Torsen, thank you so much for your opinion! youre right about the FDE, you can really feel the difference when you try o land the JF152! Thanks T!
  3. Hello everyone!! I would like to read your opinion. Im about to start my flying lessons to get my PPL, and i would like to know in your opinion (talking about the Carenado C152 OR Just Flight C152), wich one its better, or wich one would you recommend me ? I´ve search in the forum but dont find anything. I read a review of the JF C152 but it was for X-PLANE, and im into FSX. I bought the carenado version , but dont realize there were another option in the market. I try the demo version of the JF , but its only for 10 min. and im still dont sure wich one its better for "trainning". Thanks so much for youre reply!! Happy Landings! Jonathan Dominguez
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