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  1. Make sure your case is large enough to accomodate an entire professor as some tend to have somewhat larger bellies 😉
  2. I have an idea for another addon: MagentaChild's Airport Picker: Picks an interesting airport for you from a selection of over 100 airports! Only 9,99!
  3. MS and Asobo seem confident and self-critical enough to allow for different type of questions. I doubt they make any restrictions on what type of questions may be asked. The interviewer obviously is not a trained journalist and thus lacks the experience and self-confidence to ask more serious and possibly challenging questions.
  4. I like the interview a lot because of what the two devs are talking about. For instance implementing a way to code in C++ for MSFS without resorting to C++ native (apparently thats what many FS devs were using) because of security concerns and interoperability issues. I did not know that prior to this interview. However, I did not like the interviewer: He is constantly reaffirming what the devs were telling anyway without being on the same knowledge level as they are. Instead of simply asking those questions which float around in the community anyway, he tries to get buddy-buddy with Jörg and Seb. For instance, I would have like to hear a question about the remarkably short beta period, the poor initial Steam reviews, etc. Apparently he is afraid of coming across as too negative, when, as an interviewer, you can just pass along questions. Your own opinions (positive/negative) shouldn't matter.
  5. I hope the rock you have been living under for the past couple of years is cosy. Within the larger sim community "Zibo type" refers to a community modded default aircraft that comes close in certain aspects to study-level aircraft. But at no cost, therefore making complex aircraft available for a much larger range of simmers than 100$+ products.
  6. For me, the quality of default handcrafted airports is perfect: Apart from the 2 or 3 airports that I do know really well and would buy addon scenery for, I wouldn't recognizes the little details anyway.
  7. He said something about "voice c...[inaudible] services", called it "voice simulation" and that it's going to be awesome. It might be "cognitive services" and refer to this: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-gb/services/cognitive-services/speech-services/
  8. This has to be the worst bug ever encountered in a flight simulator. I switch to boat sims now.
  9. Thank you for quoting the entire OP for your valuable, insightful and nuanced feedback.
  10. I am beyond infuriated that they did not fix that minor issue that I had one specific time in one specific place and which I told them about by tagging Microsoft in my Facebook post. And this is a full week after release! I want a real Icon A5 as compensation. IMMEDIATELY! Or I will switch to Linux. /s
  11. Keep and enjoy what you have. But MSFS is clearly the future for flight sims with XP11 being relegated to a Mac/Linux/airplane engineering niche and P3D fading into obscurity in 1 or 2 years.
  12. Where did you get the impression that there would be an update today? All they said is they will announce today when the next update will come.
  13. Very limited facts + willingness to jump to conclusions = perfect clickbait YT video. There is simply no way they could possibly fix all these issues, especially since a lot of them have been around for quite some time. Patching wil take time I'm afraid.
  14. word not allowed, didnt know that. I thought I was simming and now I know I was gaming. My life is upside down and I don't know where to go from here...
  15. If LM really only implemented DX12 and PBR because some random old dude told them to, then I'll have even less confidence in their development ambitions than I had before. Glad I never spend a single dime on P3D now that it will inevitably fall into obscurity.
  16. It's no secret information, it's on the FAQ: Only snow, no full seasons.
  17. A flight model is a generalized, abstract way a flight sim conceptualizes the interaction between objects, forces and movement in air. A flight model therefore sets the boundaries for flight in the sim and exposes certain parameters for individual adjustment per plane. For instance, if a flight model does not take into account the drag of the landing gear, there is no way to "tweak" this. Landing gears will thus be irrelevant for the aerodynamics. If a flight model takes into account landing gear drag, it can be tweaked per plane to make it as real as possible. The flight model therefore sets the playing field and defines what can and can't be done. (That's why a lot of ESP devs chose to override the limited flight model of FSX/P3D.) How well the play is executed depends on the individual teams (planes) and how well they adapt to the rules and outlines of the playing field. Flight model itself, however, is not observable to us as users. We always only see individual flight dynamics of a given airplane. Therefore we will only know how good the flight model truely is once the experts of 3PDs have gotten their hands on it and can develop flight dynamics of individual airplanes which hopefully are more true to real life than it would have been possible with other sims.
  18. It's because of different tech: The clouds you are used to from FSX, P3D or XP (those with the sharp edges) are (photo-real) textures. That's why they are well defined and can look very good under specific circumstances. They do have a lot inherent flaws (not dynamic, rotating with view, no volume) though, making them look subpar in a lot of other situations. MSFS has true volumetric clouds, which are noise-generated. If you use X-enviro for XP11 you know what that means. Noise generation always means that sharp edges are unlikely if not impossible. Close-up you may even see grain (very prominent in X-Enviro for instance). The tech fixes all problems 2D texture-based clouds have had all along, it does however have its limits/downsides as every tech has. Occasional lack of sharpness is just that. IRL sharp-edged clouds however are very rare, so I think it's a very minor downside. Personally I am very satisfied with how they look and interact with the weather system and lighting engine.
  19. With the release of MSFS all people will stay at home and sim anyway. The in-sim depiction of the outside world void of people thus is correct come August 18th.
  20. Beware Asobo and MS: If I cannot find my dog running around the park where I usually take her for a walk, I will only buy this sim under protest, I swear! And don't you dare make her larger or smaller than she is IRL! Also her ears have a lot of ear flex, I expect this to be physically accurate modelled!
  21. Have a look at all those videos on YouTube and see for yourself!
  22. Depends on resolution and settings: For 1080p 16GB is absolutely no problem, for 1440p it could get tight.
  23. There is definitely some weird color correction applied to the ortho image, making it look greenish and washed out. Definitely subpar compared to other cities we have seen in MSFS. The good thing about MSFS however is that the stock scenery can easily be improved upon not only be 3PDs but by Asobo/MS themselves either through better aerial imagery (ortho/photogrammetry) or through better AI. If and when mistakes such as these will be corrected remains to be seen, but it is very much possible that this might be significantly improved within a year or so.
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