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  1. Hi, First I'd like to say that Pilot2ATC is a wonderful program, but it has something that hurts me at every flight : it understands "eight" instead of "gate" ! It is literally impossible for me to get a gate assigned when landing at an airport (without setting the parking brakes and opening the program which is really killing the immersion). I know there is already a topic about this, I tried to set speech recognition to recognize "gate" and "eight" as advised but this didn't help a lot. In real life, does the pilot has to ask for a gate when landing at an airport ? When I fly on Vatsim, the controller assigns me to a gate automatically. Is it possible to add "Request taxi to stand" or "Request taxi to parking" as a way to say "Request taxi to the gate" ? Thanks ! PS : I tried the Grammar Help, but no matter how hard I try, it understands eight...
  2. My monitor resolution is 1080p, it's a 60Hz.
  3. I activated the Vsync, manipulated some parameters but no change for the FPS. As Benjamin J said, P3D uses at 99% the first core of the CPU. Let's hope it won't be the same for the next FS in 2020. I uninstalled the addon of KJFK, it's a lot better so I'm going to keep it like this, because for now I don't want to overlock my CPU and like you said it's not really possible. Thanks again for your answers, it's good to have a community like this one.👍
  4. Thanks for your answers. I'm sorry I didn't respond as fast as you did but here I am. I will send you my P3D settings when I'll be home. I'm using the PMDG 777, with no Orbx product. I think I wasn't cleared enough on the informations that I gave you and I'm sorry for that : P3D uses only 40% of my GPU AND 40% of my CPU. That's why I'm surprised, why P3D doesn't uses 90% or 99% of my CPU (same for the GPU) ?
  5. Hi everyone, I post this topic because I experienced pretty bad performance in P3D with my brand new PC, this is my config : I7 9700F, RTX 2080, 16go Ram, 256go SSD. I am surprised because the game is at 20-25 FPS when approaching KJFK with the addons from DRZEWIECKI DESIGN, but the problem is that P3D actually use only 40% of the CPU and GPU, and 50% of the Ram (with MSI After burner). So why P3D wouldn't use all the ressources of my PC ?
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