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  1. Thought I throw this out there for those who are interested in learning more about the AI traffic...it is surprisingly not good and just weird. With AI traffic on 100%, I am at a normally busy Logan International Airport (KBOS) at 3 oclock in the afternoon and most planes are parked and not moving. The ones that were moving stopped moving at some random locations on the airport and some just disappeared. I have seen very few planes actually flying in the air. AI planes bounce up and down while taxing like if there were speed bumps on the taxiway. Also, the wheels don't move when they taxi. But hey, that is the default generic AI planes. Can't ask for much on those. I'm sure Asobo and the community will work to improve the AI down the road 🙂
  2. The non flyable default AI is ugly imo including the Airbus models accept for A320 which is based off the high res flyable verson. I'm sure one like my self will be able to delete the ugly planes and replace them with better, higher quality versions 😊
  3. Glad to see he mentioned Ai traffic with regards to GA. I had a feeling the sim would not stream live GA well or at all. All the more reason to use custom AI flight plans...when it becomes available.
  4. Perfect! Glad to know my money is well spent now. Otherwise no slew no deal! 😁
  5. Slew Mode was one of my favorite features from past sims. Has anyone seen this or heard of this feature making it in the new MSFS? Thanks!
  6. Out of box it's unlikely we will be able to edit ai flight plans. Though It's possible the SDK kit may have something. Otherwise we will have to wait until 3rd party developer releases something. I'm eager to get my hands dirty and start creating my own ai flight plans. It's great that they are teaming with flightaware to provide live data and traffic. However this won't work for offline mode so there is bound to be custom flight plan data in there. I can't wait to start creating and editing flight plan data.
  7. Maybe a little extreme but one thing that I hope can be implemented on release or maybe even as an addon is AI planes repositioning from their gates to remote ramp parking to free up gate space. It was annoying and unrealistic seeing AI planes in past Ms flight sims disappearing after they land because all gate parking was full! It would be great if tow trucks could tow planes from one end to the other.
  8. I like the repainting planes idea. On top of providing a few stock paints, have an in game plane paint editor tool for both user and AI planes. Who knows, hopefully this could already be in the works. In this day in age, it should be a no brainier.
  9. Well this topic was posted in a MSFS forum. It's only natural that P3D criticism and comparisons will be received?
  10. Just saw the P3D video and from graphics or visual stand point, it could be on par with FSX but no comparison to MSFS! Not impressed.
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