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  1. Already did that. I have tried every tip or tweak I could get in Internet. Believe me "everything" also switching between local on live account didn't help.
  2. I already did yes, everything is fine. Event viewer says, it is an application error "flightsimulator.exe" is not compatible.
  3. As I said above, I did contacted to this Email. No response. My PC is up tp date and one of the newest hardware is in place. Yes I am using a 4k Monitor. No TV.
  4. Yeah I know they have enough tester, but unfortunately I haven even access to the internal forum. Only showing "public forum coming soon" There seems to be alot wrong.
  5. At first I was very pleased When I received an Email that I was inside the Tech Alpha 1 pool. Thursday night I received an Email with Instructions on how to get access to Tech Alpha 1 and did everything exactly as instructed. After I downloaded 3GB of data there was a button with “Play“ and When I press that button nothing happens. The flight simulator simply does not start. I have Now tried 2 days to get it going with all the tricks from google and youtube but it just doesn't work. It also says “An administator has to approve the installation. What??? I have all admin rights on my PC what should I do now to start this simulator? I wrote to the support that was in the Email, no answer So far. I asked people from this forum who also have access to the Tech Alpha 1 and its tips didn't help either. Now I have the folder from the flight simulator on my PC, very excited to try that out but nothing happens. In the meantime I am very disappointed, but especially because the support does not help me. I don't think I am breaking the NDA here When I ask for help, because although I should, I actually don't have access to the flight simulator. Please admins from this forum, please do not delete this post, I know Microsoft is watching this forum here and maybe it will attract my attention, apparently and I don't know why I'm missing any rights for this simulator. My Gamer Tag is: SilverCase8032 xbox insider hub Please help me and contact me to get this bad boy working. Thanks in advanced Best regards
  6. Yeah, no topics yet. But it is a step forwards.
  7. No, you don`t understand. They HAVE access to the entire world. That was not a guess. It is fact!
  8. Yeah I know, but what means "End of the Week" for Microsoft? Friday or Sunday?😂🤷‍♂️
  9. Which is the last day, for rolling out TA1? Does anybody know that?
  10. Yes to make the "walk-around" check as real as it gets.😊
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