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  1. It is incredible to see how far it has come in what really is such a short space of time in the grand scheme of things. Admittedly, i'm only 25 so probably a youngster when it comes to this however my first gaming experience was my dads ZX Spectrum as a kid. We played Manic Miner together and man was that an absolute blast! Later we got a PS1 and started playing Driver, DOOM and Theme Hospital. Oh the good days and where everything came from.
  2. A very good evening to all from FL390 inbound to LDDU. I have recently returned to flight simulation on P3D (+addons) since having a few years out and very happy to be back. I've brushed up on my 737 knowledge which thankfully hasn't faded too much, and currently training myself on 787 operations and on my 3rd flight of the day as i'm writing. I'm looking forward to meeting new people, taking part in conversations and developing my skills and knowledge of flying! Happy flying!
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