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  1. Yes, program is shut down. OK, will reinstall.
  2. ALA530PA32IITC.exe F1GTN750PA#@IITC.exe RXP530PA32IITX.exe I tried both exe programs for 530 and got the same message as before. The screen that shows the aircraft selected is also blank.
  3. Found it. Installed it and now get a message when I select the aircraft, "Visual model could not be displayed. Alabeo PA32 Saratoga II TC 2" Jim H.
  4. Sorry, used name on another post. Haven't used this forum previously and new. Anyway, didn't give you enough info. Using FSX SE. I installed the RealityXP GNS530 addon on other aircraft and it works. The Alebea GNS530 that came with the Saratoga works as installed but, when I attempt the RealityXP addon, I get this message in the middle of the screen with a folder box that states "Action can't be completed because folder/file is in use in another program. Close folder/file and try again" As far as I know, I have no other folder open that would conflict. I shut down the virus pgm also. The procedure I use the to execute the addon as with the other aircraft. I click the addon button on the FSX menu bar and then the Reality530 button to get the drop down menu. I select "Auto detect" and then 530 on #1 and accept. Then I get the error message. Any help appreciated. P.S. I sent another msg on a different forum. Didn't realize how to get your response. Jim H.
  5. Ben, I purchased Realityxp GNS530 and have installed it on several aircraft. Recently, I installed a Albea Piper Saratoga with the GNS530. When I try to install the Realityxp GNS530 addon, I get a folder that stated file is open in another program go back and close folder or the file and try again. The date on the message is the same date I installed the GNS addon. I contacted Albea and they replied that they have never encountered this annomoly to contact Realityxp. Can you help. Jim H .
  6. To clarify: I have 4 aircraft on my sim that use the GNS530. If I purchase the Reality XP GNS530 and install it on the FSX SE, will it install on the aircraft I select automatically when I start the sim and select that aircraft even if I used it on another aircraft previously? Long question, but wanted to be clear about my question. Any help appreciated.
  7. Fairly new to the FSX Steam add-on arena. I looked and cannot find the answer to this question: When you download the RealityXP GNS530 to your computer, is it available to all the aircraft on your FSX SE or can you only use it on one aircraft? Second question: If you can use it on different aircraft, do you have to delete it from one before adding it to another? Thanks for responding.
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