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  1. Also, I have some experience with Blender, but I'm more comfortable with GMAX. I saw there is a toolset for blender in fsdeveloper, so I will try that.
  2. Hi, so I have stopped doing aircraft design for a couple years because I never finish my projects. One of my last projects in GMAX was the A350. I started it and it's in a pretty basic stage, I was almost done with the whole frame of the aircraft, and a couple of animations, but that's it. I believe I have the necessary information and resources to make this aircraft to a certain extent, so I'm comfortable doing anything to work on it again. My main goal since I started was to make payware quality aircraft models, but as I said before, I just can't get into every aspect of it. Now that I have more time in my hands, I want to dedicate whatever it takes to make an aircraft model for flight simulator that I can call my own. A few bullet points that I would like to address here are: Software (Since I just started with GMAX alone with a few tweaks in the settings, I want to know if there is some sort of addon, in order to export my projects into the sim) Touchscreens. This point I guess it's more complicated, but I would like to know how I can make touchscreens (Just like in the QualityWings 787, or similar). I know it may be harder, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes in order to bring my projects, mainly the A350, back to life. If anyone can help me, or at least, point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it. That's it for now, since it is a BIG project of mine that I've been working on for a few years now. Again, if anyone can help me get back on track, I'd really really appreciate it. 🙂 Sorry for the long post. Thanks!
  3. I am using the third axis in my joystick for now. I have tried everything but I guess there is something broken inside of my rudder pedals. Thanks for the help! 🙂 Yes. I tried all my USB ports just in case, no luck. Thanks for the reply!
  4. Thanks for the help Dave. And yeah forgot to mention, it's the virtual rudder the one that's stuck, my physical rudder is in pretty good conditions. Unfortunately, that did not resolve the issue. I already tried resetting the controller calibration with the registry from logitech but still the same. During the Windows calibrating box, I turn my physical rudders fully to the left and the red bar stays on the right and twitches a little bit. The toe brakes are workig 100%, it's just the rudder axis. Again, thanks for the quick reply!
  5. I've had this rudder pedals for about a year and haven't had any issues before.
  6. I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this. I am having issues with my Saitek flight rudder pedals. I am using a Windows 10 OS and P3D v4.5 with Hotfix3. Before having the issue I was trying to assign a different axis (the joystick rotatory axis) to use with the tiller and then leave the rudder pedals only for rudder. I used fsuipc for this and watching youtube tutorials, however after doing that, the rudder pedals got stuck to the right side and will hardly move. There is a certain position on the rudders to the left where if don't move them, the rudder in the sim will stay centered, but after trying to go left of right, it will lock again fully to the right. I tried removing the assignments and resetting the controls through P3D and fsuipc, also uninstalling the drivers through 'Device Manager', restarting and connecting again, but the issue is still there. Again, I'm not sure if this is the right place but I tried searching the internet and had no luck. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  7. I will have that in mind whenever I decide to share my projects. Thanks again!
  8. Your advice worked! It's one of the few airports I've had to use polygons to correct elevation issues. The only polygon I added was a type "airport background" tag "flatten". I added a second polygon type "exclude general" tag "airport backgrounds", and that fixed the issue. I still would like to work on this project more but I think looks quite good now. Thank you and everyone else for the help!! https://www.dropbox.com/s/0m3ost2u5qsvyvk/Microsoft Flight Simulator X 12_16_2019 10_58_56 PM.png?dl=0
  9. I don't own any ORBX products for this area. As I mentioned above I do have Global Base Pack and Open LC Europe, that's all. Ok, I will leave the XML's out of the addon scenery folder and just keep the bgls. I have a mess with many other files so I'll start over and update you with the advice I've received from here. Thanks!!
  10. Not for Australia or Oceania area. I do own Global Base and Open LC Europe.
  11. Yes I changed it using the option under "Tools" in ADE. I did get the XXXALT.bgl file in "scenery/world/scenery", as well as an XML with the project file which I then copied to the YSNF folder in Addon scenery. Should I do that or just copy the .bgl, CVX.bgl and OBJ.bgl to the Addon Scenery folder? I will also check the assigned folders in ADE later and will let you know. Thanks!!
  12. Hi, I don't know if this is the right forum, but I've had issues with a particular airport recently. I create and modify sceneries and airports in FSX for personal use based on real satellite imagery and other sources such as FSET, ADE, Photoshop, Sketchup, and sometimes gmax. I recently started using Free Mesh X as well. Recently I discovered Norfolk Island airport (YSNF), which the main problem I'm having is that the airport elevation is 371ft. Default version is 0ft. I changed it in ADE, added a ground polygon to flatten the area I wanted up to 371ft as well but then the whole airport is at 371ft, except the photoreal surrounding area which I dont have control of. Another airport I worked with applied the photoreal on top of the mesh nicely so I don't know what or where Im going wrong. I tried turning off the mesh only, then with the photoreal, then just the photoreal, etc and all sort of combinations but none seem to be working. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!!! https://www.dropbox.com/s/ruoeh7nidixtfus/Microsoft Flight Simulator X 12_13_2019 3_10_32 PM.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/fikqhqmishijomu/Microsoft Flight Simulator X 12_11_2019 11_36_56 AM.png?dl=0
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