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  1. How do you get the REX SkyForce sprites? You noticed difference from default sprites?
  2. https://ibb.co/xYYsr1q https://ibb.co/qY7RFfL Sorry I am trying to insert the images but I cannot, so I wrote here the links
  3. Yes in which section? Visibility? Clouds?
  4. Hello pilots! When you approach to an airport that has rainy weather there is no overcast but break clouds here and there with rain or snow! This is unreallistc, it should be overcast when you descent under clouds! The overcast sometimes appears only many minutes after you land, during taxing but it should appear when you go under the clouds and rain starts! Also many times when you take off with overcast, this overcast dissapears only a few seconds after take off before even reach the cloud's altitude! Is this a problem of my weather machine? Is this a problem of cloud textures? Is this a problem of FSUIPC? Any ideas please? I am using FSREALWX!
  5. Thank you guys! I purchased the SP4 from QW site and is the full package!!! Great addon, too sad that QW didnt make 787 for FS2004! By the way, the QW support have not replied to me yet!!!
  6. Hello! I m interested in purchasing the QW BAe146! I contacted with Flight1 and they told me they no more sell QW BAe146 for FS2004! In QW site there is SP4 for FS2004 but I dont know if this is a full package or only an update! I m trying to contact with them but I m still waiting 2 days for an answer! Please, can anyone tell me if SP4 is the full product and I dont need any other previous version?
  7. Yes my friend, the first thing was to search for that but I didnt find anything! Can you please help?
  8. Hello pilots! Posky Embraer has a great VC but is not fuctional! I cant press any buttons or anything!!! Is there any working VC version?
  9. No -100 is not the same, my mistake that I didnt mention that FDE problem is for -400! The problem with -100 is only that I cannot see the CRS numbers anywhere! Anyway, for -400 I create new FDE and now works perfect!!! You can find the file in Avsim Library if you want!
  10. Hello pilots! I have some issues with these models! In Dash 8-100 I can normaly select the course button but I cannot see what number (direction) I put! I can see only HDG direction on my instruments! Another serious issue is that when trying to land the nose is down and if I try to pitch it up it doesnt descent, fly forever even with engine power down!!! What I do wrong?
  11. The problem with SweetFX was the enabled AA in the sim indeed! Although the settimgs on NVidia didnt make the best work for the shimmering...
  12. Thank you my friend! I have try a lot without 100% success for the flickering! I ll try also yours and I ll let you know! Thank you!!!
  13. Hmmm... Is this for sure? I ll try it, thank you! But without AA there is lots of flickering!
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