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  1. What is 92.a? I didnt understand you mate, sorry!
  2. Hello pilots! Is it possible to configure the size of cumulus clouds? I mean the actuall size of a cumulus cloud! For example, sometimes you see in your view in front of your cockpit 100 very small cumulus here and there and this is not so reallistic! It would be better if you had 30 big cumulus, big stractures! I have try many many different addons and I dont think is any difference, is sonething else that controls the size of the clouds! Any ideas?
  3. Guys you dont understand what I am saying! I like Cumulus and Cirrus from many addons I have, I just cannot find realistic STRATUS CLOUDS!
  4. I agree with that! I m just searching for Stratus clouds!
  5. I have HDEv2 and are great clouds! But Stratus are not!!! Ofcourse I have fly many many times! And by the way, I think HDEv2 has no Stratus AT ALL!
  6. Hello pilots! Are there any good and realistic Stratus Clouds? There are many addons for nice and real Cirrus and Cumulus but Stratus are very poor!
  7. Hello pilots! Does anyone know any application or tool that can convert many texture files together! I have DXTBmp but it can convert only 1 file each time!
  8. Hello pilots! How I can make precipitation drops appear on VC mode?
  9. Hello pilots! Is it possible to get more dense autogen and especially trees? I use ORBX textures, it has all good but not very dense autogen! EVO textures and AFS Mosaic has more dense autogen but I dont want to change textures! What can I do?
  10. Thank you my friend! Another annoying issue is that the buildings and sometimes also ground textures or runways taxiways and trees look like shimmering and only when you put mip mapping to 4 stop this but with mip mapping to 4 the scenery is blurry!
  11. I have all these done, except the texture bandwidth mult that I have to 120... What will be the difference with 256?
  12. Oh guys thank you! I made fly with limit (locked 40fps) and all sound normal! I think that was the solution! THANK YOU VERY MUCH GUYS!!!
  13. Hmmm yes, I forced to fix the visibility with this haze smooth effect from FSUIPC but is ok, the realistic is to have humidity, dust, polution etc etc, and not to have all clear unlimited visibility! But another thing that is annoying is the builidings and generaly the objects that appear and disappear despite my good machine and very high frame rates! Can I fix that!?
  14. Hello pilots! I have a new PC and now I fly with more than 100fps! But I see a small problam that obviously is not from my machine! Some distant ground textures are very late to load and they look very blurry (uloaded) unless I come very close! What can I do for that? Is some configuration in the sim or in my card that can fix this?
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