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  1. In memory of Learjet officially stopping production, it made me think. What is the best rendition of a realistic Learjet 45 in flight sim? Is it the Aerofly FS 2 version? FSX with panels? Would love to fly the lear 45 again.
  2. I fly the 350 professionally in real life. I cant spend more then a few minutes in Asobo's rendition. It's stock basic model is a joke. Avionics are essentially make belief. I would pay a ton of money to get the sort of quality Milviz did in P3D on the 350. Or, get WT to somehow get the Proline 21 integrated into the King Air. Probably impossible, but man...that Proline 21 suite they modded is the only thing I can stomach when playing with some instrument flying in MSFS.
  3. Pretty word not allowed good replica Milviz made here. I'm actually a little shocked. I fly this the 350i as my real life career and I can tell you that as far as flight sims go this is right up there with the best I've seen. The plane has a pretty steep learning curve at first, but they replicated it very well. Ive been using the SOP's from my company and the power settings are pretty darn close here. Even the GFS we had during my initial type rating wasn't this detailed. I will say though the chart viewing on the MFD isnt working for me, but who knows maybe its my computer. I'm sure Ill figure that out though, in the meantime foreflight fills the gap. That twitch guy you guys cited, I watched him and I dont know how much stock I'd personally put in him. He doesn't seem, shall I say, polished as a "350 pilot" the way hes flying it...but what the hell do I know, maybe he is. Sims are not real airplanes (maybe I shouldnt say that here haha) I'm going to keep messing around in my spare time the next few days learning how this all works on a home based sim. If any of you have questions about the plane or sim let me know, I'll make some video tutorials after xmas for fun. Might need to dust of the old instructor rating haha Happy simming
  4. Ill be making one in the next few days. Ive never made a video before but I fly this plane as my real life job and Im happy to make some tutorials.
  5. Thanks Milviz, really happy to buy this one!
  6. Hey everyone, I'm excited to buy this product. I fly the 350i every day in my real life job. I've never made video tutorials before, but I think ill give it a shot and try to give some in depth instruction for those of you wanting to learn how the 350 flies in real life. Stay tuned. Cheers,
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