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  1. Howdy, just purchased the T-38A Advanced Redux for use with the latest version of Prepar3D. After installing, the aircraft doesn't work. The sound in the simulator is stuck to off, none of the gauges work, it's simply totally broken. I ran the install and Prepar3D as admin. I totally disabled UAC and all antivirus. I have the required Simconnect installed and the Microsoft C++ 2015 redist. I have the latest version of Prepar3D and the aircraft. So after this didn't work I totally uninstalled everything. All of my flightsim addons and the sim itself. I removed all registry entries and removed all related files from AppData. I simply did everything possible to remove anything that could interfere. I reinstalled P3D and then installed the T-38A Advanced Redux. Same thing. I just reformatted my computer, disabled UAC and Antivirus, installed simconnect, C++ 2015, ran everything as admin, made sure my card is DX11 compatible, and I've encountered the same behavior. Any help is a appreciated. I'm at a complete loss on what I'm supposed to do. I think I've done everything right and yet the aircraft is just totally broken.
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