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  1. sorry, it's a mistake (ps x) Ok i run all these programs at the same time, and just to be sure, in PPG i disable generate options for parking positions in the airport files ?
  2. if i correctly understand : i run p3d with PPG + real traffic?
  3. Hi, Ok, thank your for your answer. Maybe, i have to leave the aicraft parked and run ps x to generate an updating file ? Unfortunately, i can' set parking airport percentage, the line is blocked in PSXT UI
  4. Hi, Thanks for you answer For FSUIPC, i just would know if the fsuipc traffic settings can change Something on psxt My last 2 question : i have few aircraft taxiing and they pass in the grass, did i miss Something with PPG or smething wrong with Real Traffic (i m using default airpots)? And i can't change airpot parking percentage after i used ppx (the line is grey and blocked Thx you Alex
  5. Hi, I just disocvered the tool, what a fantastic job :) I have a few questions : 1- it's possible to fly at another time that current time ? if yes, how can i do that ? Do i have change settings from real traffic ? 2/ some airports have aicrafts that normally shouldn't be at this aiports (for example, there is a TUI B 787 at LFLL), it's normal ? 3/ Any advice to use psxt with PSPUIC ? Thank you :)
  6. Hi, So, i flew to CAIRO, and i have the Following problem with the ILS APPROACH ILS 23L The picture was taken during a test (not during the approach of my fly). I get a difference between the runway positioning and the positioning on the EFIS I'm using ORBX GLOBAL RANGE, VECTOR, EUROPE and my navaids are up to date as magdec file. Thxs for help or any ideas.
  7. Hi airernie, Thxs for the help, it works now. Thxs for your answer
  8. Hi, I'm new in the world of simulation so i need your help 🙂 How can i set up hat switch from my joystick THRUSTMASTER T16000M HOTAS in P3D 4.5 AND CHASE PLANE ? Thxs 🙂
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