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  1. Searching "msfs2020" on bilibili only give officially released video :(
  2. Don't you think there are more important considerations than replying in a flight sim forum right now ?
  3. Not randomly : in many screenshots we can see that the autogen trees are placed exactly where a tree pattern appear on the flat surface (thanks to @Shack95 comparison job)
  4. Speaking of this map, does this guy still update it with new locations ? edit: yes, many new locations have been added indeed !
  5. A flight simulation such as MSFS will be a screenshot factory - so being able to play with DoF definitely has its place here.
  6. @GlideBy Yes but using MSFS and never downloading anything is like playing with an old GPU : sure, you can play that way, but it's a degraded experience. It's meant to be played by default online, or with cached areas. So it's fair to consider MSFS+internet = default MSFS. This is what you get without buying any extra addon.
  7. I find the Nef River, Chile comparison specially interesting because it might be the first time we see autogen for bush and small trees, it's really well done !
  8. Oh boy. I just checked, that's indeed an aircraft he's done. And that was only 6 months ago.
  9. Bing Map will probably prefer to keep the original untouched data as much as possible, as long as MSFS algorithms are experimental. It's great to have unwanted shadows automatically removed for a flight sim, but the AI may also occasionally erase dark areas it mistakes for shadow - such artefacts are fine within a flight sim, but it's not for Bing Map which has to remain as accurate as possible, even if that means some data is partially occluded, as long as artefacts aren't artifically introduced. For the same reason, Bing Map may prefer to keep the original, non color-contiguous areas, as smoothing those colored borders could potentially lead to artefacts or loss of information. I would not be surprised if those great algorithms make their way to Bing Map eventually, but not before several years of refinement and testing.
  10. Let's put it this way : as long as Bing Map is free, there's no reason MSFS would charge for streaming data from this service, given it'll only represent a tiny fraction of Bing Map bandwidth overall. And since using Google Map is free, there's no reason MS would start charging for using Bing Map, otherwise nobody would use it. For big companies each and every service doesn't have to generate an immediate, direct profit. For them it's about building an ecosystem through platforms that everyone eventually use, generating profits comes second when you have enough users, and it's never by suddenly forcing users to pay for the basic service, otherwise everyone leaves the platform.
  11. Where are those last 2 screenshots from ? Were they released recently ?
  12. Well, it requires 2PB to download the entire MSFS scenery. To be clear, that would require a thousand 2TB hard drives.
  13. That's excellent news, meaning that MS/Asobo showed some love to such landscape as well then !
  14. I'd even say it's critical they run alpha tests with 16GB, it's by far the most common configuration : https://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey/Steam-Hardware-Software-Survey-Welcome-to-Steam?platform=pc
  15. Agree. I'd love to see some jungle, the dunes of Sahara, and icebergs. Despite the locations around the globe, it indeed lacks some diversity in term of landscape.
  16. Not sure I understand what are the sources for the last 2 pictures ?
  17. As already said, don't count on it. It's not because you don't see major changes on the surface that there aren't under the hood. Lots of internal API becomes available in W10 which do not exist in W7, or already exist but in a rudimentary way. If a program needs W10, it needs W10. Get over W7, seriously. FS11/2020 won't run on it. As said above, it won't even install.
  18. As impressive as it looks, I see nothing that can't be achieved in realtime nowadays, specially since it's (likely) a closed environment in this case. My guess is that it's the mode where you choose your aircraft, same hangar for all but the plane changes, and you can rotate (not walk) around each aircraft with the mouse. Something very similar to what is usually done with the character selection screen in most videogames.
  19. Yes, see the following video from their official channel (and its title):
  20. Asobo already said in a couple interviews that while the Gamepass will be an option to access the game, it's absolutely not mandatory and a one time-purchase will also get you the full game, including Bing data streaming.
  21. How do you know it was a 1080 ? Please source this info, the leaker didn't mention his hardware anywhere. Seems to me like one more of your assumptions... Like a $6000 PC, that's ridiculous. A $2000 PC will already get you the very latest high-end hardware, and that will be more than enough to run MSFS at max settings. Also the gamepass assumption has been debunked many times already. I understand you're trying to find every angle possible to make MSFS look bad, but PLEASE use real infos for that, not fake ones.... 😒
  22. High-end average then (GTX 1080, 16GB RAM) I don't want to see anything but the max rendering capabilities.
  23. If they had kept the beta inside the US they would still have testers from all around the world anyway. Testers can pretend they are from any country and have VPN to "prove" it.
  24. Indeed, I stand corrected ! I'm truly amazed. Here's a comparison with Bing:
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