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  1. Cool beans fellas. I'll make a start with orbx and see where i go from there. Thanks for the detailed responses guys👍
  2. Photoreal? Is that payware? In terms of desirable locations. I live in Ireland so any part of my own country would be great. Other than that, Alaska, the alps, monument valley. I could list off 100 places maybe. If you mean routes, around Europe would be cool
  3. Nah, it was a direct paste into the directory. I did the reinstall last night from the 13 year old games disks. took forever Back and working normal now. Is there a quick guide on here to making the game looklike it does on those magnificent Youtube videos
  4. Hi all, I installed a few textures + the water configuration tool after googling fsx texture mods. The net result is water disappears as i get close to it. I don't see any improvement in the game either. Would i need to completely reinstall to resolve? I have no backup. Cheers in advance!
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