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  1. This is for or all of you MD11 lovers. Western Global has now been added to Giant Virtual Cargo! Stop by to check out all of the the other airlines and fleets we offer. Giantvirtualcargo.org
  2. The beginnings of a nice flight from KDEN to KONT. Callsign GIANT3501 operating under contract for Amazon Air. Come check us out at Giantvirtualcargo.org.
  3. Hello All, Its been a few months since my last post. GiantVirtualCargo.org currently has the routes and fleets of Atlas Air, Kalitta Air, Polar Air Cargo, AirBridgeCargo, Southern Air, ATI, Omni, and U.S. military charter flights. Our fleet consists of Boeing aircraft ranging from the 737-400 thru the 747-800. I will be adding the 727 and Kalitta Charters II in the near future. Our routes are different from the major carriers and offer you a chance to explore many new destinations and smaller airfields you may have not ever been to. We do not limit your aircraft based on rank and will transfer up to 150 hours from VATSIM or another verified source after the completion of 3 flights with us. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.
  4. A quick hop from KLIT to KLEX in the FlyJSim B727-200 X Plane11v5b4 Active Sky. Flying for Giantvirtualcargo.org [
  5. Zibo Mod B737-800 Prime Air Livery , XP11B5.0, Active Sky, SOO3613 KCLT-KMIA FL320 0630am Join us at Giantvirtualcargo.org
  6. Giant Virtual Cargo is ready for your applications! We cater to contract carriers such as Atlas, Omni, Kalitta, AirBridgeCargo, Southern Air, Polar Air, and the U.S. military Dept. Of Transportation under the call sign Camber (CMB). Our routes and fleet are constantly updated to ensure the best flight simulation experience. You can fly any route at any time and there is no promotion based aircraft restrictions. Our fleet consists of Boeing aircraft ranging from the 727-200 to the 747-800. New carriers are often added based on pilot requests. Come check us out today at Giantvirtualcargo.org
  7. The new website address is Giantvirtualcargo.org I apologize for the inconvenience
  8. Thank you leon310 I dont think some people realize the work that goes into creating a VA and there are bound to be some bugs here and there that need to be worked out. I am glad vc10man showed his true colors dont need people like him in this community
  9. VATSIM is not required to be a member. Please stop by and check us out
  10. It was unfortunate the system did not work for you and I apologized to you in an email. You are the only person to have had an issue.
  11. Come fly Amazon Air freight with us at http://giantvirtualcargo.org/. Giant Virtual Cargo is based upon the routes and fleets of Atlas, Polar, and Southern Air. All of our routes and aircraft are up date to as of this month. If you wish to fly military charters you can do so under the call sign Camber (CMB) and create your own custom route. In the future I will be adding different military charters throughout the month based on real time needs.
  12. Atlas Air Virtual is now active. We simulate the real world operational of Atlas Air Wroldwide Holdings. This includes Atlas Air, Polar Air Cargo, and Southern Air. Along with these carriers come their contracts as well the majors being Amazon Air and DHL. All routes and aircraft are up to date as of this month. So whether you like long haul flights or short hops on the Boeing 737-800 we have it all. Please come give us a try at atlasairvirtual.org
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