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  1. ShaderHLSL, I delet it and run the repair client to have default shaders for the tomatoshade installation, my sim is running correctly don't worry. I have reinstall P3D but Tomatoshade still doesn't work.
  2. Yes I misspoke by delete I mean delete the old maybe "corrumpted" shaders to restore the defaults one with the repair client of P3D,i saw this on a Ytb tutorial video for tomato. So any solution ?
  3. So I need to delete the ShadersHLSL folder ? If yes I've already done it
  4. Hello everyone ! I have a problem with my sim, since 2 weeks I try to make tomato shade work but my sim look the same i have compare to screenshot of the preset i'm trying to use ( RD preset). But my sim looks vanilla, i think that came from the sim and not from tomato shade since I have see this post : https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=130333 I'm not 100% shure that came from the sim. Or maybe the bug came from the Ultimate realism pack that I have test in the past, because the bug appeared since I tried it. (not shure) Can someone help me please ? Max My sim Tomato shader sreen from Live Cockpit
  5. I have followed every tutorial availaible on Ytb and because that don't work i'm posting a topic here 😉
  6. Yes this is the problem 2 "2), Or do you mean you've imported a configuration, made changes (or not), applied the configuration but it doesn't appear to be doing anything in P3D?" Everything is good on Tomatoshade, I have the latest version (31) P3D(4.5) folder, P3D version, cache, but that not apply in game. I'm opening it in administrators, I apply the preset ( I also have the green message apply completed" but that doesn't appear on the sim. I have follow every tutorial on Ytb, reinstall P3D, i have even reset my computer in case of corrumpting file but that change nothing
  7. Yes it is on P3D v4.5 and i imported the RD preset first. But the problem is that Tomato don't save the preset even if it is marked "apply succefully"
  8. Hello, I have a problem with tomato shade. It does not apply modifications in games even if the console says "apply succefully". When I go into the game I have the basic shaders, they are even worse. I tried different presets but the problem does not come from there. Once I reopen Tomato Shade, there are no saved settings, everything is like I did nothing. Has someone already had this problem ? Can someone help me ? Max
  9. Thanks ! And yes it's written FSX because i'm starting twitch and FSX categories have more viewer but i'm on P3D v4.5 : )
  10. Thanks you very much that working !
  11. Hello, My Chase plane is not working correctly, in cinematic mod i have some little spamming black screen (link below) Some already had this issue ? Can someone help me Thanks Max, Link :
  12. Yes, i know but this is not the problem as you can see he is invisible, not the HGS, but the thing that maintain the HGS, and the button as weel Red : Not my Sim Blue : My Sim
  13. Hello, I recently reinstalled my simulator (P3D v4.5) and therefore reinstalled all my addons, but I have a problem with the PMDG 737, the "switches" of standby power, the battery and trans bus are invisible as well as the "arm" of the head-up display, I leave the images below, Can someone help me? Thank you in advance, Max Images :
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