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  1. Thanks alot I'll try it and see if it works The problem is that I can't upload vids to avsim fourms
  2. I tried reinstalling SP2 and SP1 but that didn't work. I didn't do any changes to the aircraft config and i also start as a new flight not a saved one, one thing I've tried is to do a mission with the plane but that didn't work either.Maybe if u can send me your config file yeah I've tried this multiple times.and It didn't work thanks in advance for your help.......
  3. I was flying the default beechcraft baron B-58 2-3 months ago i was practicing sharp turns and i stalled and entered a flat spin after recovering the sim crashed and didnt bother to re-launch it yesterday i wanted to take it for a spin, after i launched the flight the plane keeps spinning and going up and down and flying backwards in an uncontrolable manner when in switch the view i find the props on both engines missing. My best regards to you all reading this......✈️ will upload photos soon.
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