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  1. Reality XP 750 worked fine for about two weeks then I had a message ( invalid licence contact vendor ), thats when the fun started I have download so many times, had no help from Garmin I am just put on to F1 and they do not do technical help so passed on to this site I have been on a lot of the forums moved files here there and every place I could find but still no joy, it shows in the plugins and when you select show window it will appear but with no data, the GPS is still there but will not work so have to delete the program again. I just think I will just accept I have been swindled out of $49, I would like to fly in XP11 and enjoy it but I am spending so much time trying to get software to work, you download something but it will not work for some reason and you start and spend hours trying to make it work I have so many aircraft and plugging that do not work because of something else that I have in the program. Don't know the answer.
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