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  1. Hello, I finally managed to get a functional DME in the DA40 by using the one from the Commander 114 (by modifying the panel.cfg file) It is not ideal but it works 🙂 (Just need the track information (from GNS430) to properly train myself and it will be fine!)
  2. Thank you very much for your reply ! That Solves 2 of my problems 🙂 Any help on the DME issue ?
  3. Hello, I am currently working on my ATPL and am quite new in the world of simulators, so sorry in advance if some of my questions appear silly 😉 I would like to train at home using the plane I'm flying with but I have a few issues and I am seeking for help 🙂 I installed P3D V4 Academic and bought the DA40 from Carenado (which the same as Alabeo's right ?) But I don't manage to make a few things work : - The DME is not working (no display at all, no functionnal switches) : I read that we can use the 172RG's instead (by modifying the panel.cfg) but I don't own this one. Is there another way ? - The ADF is not controllable : the display is ok and I can switch between both frequencies but I cannot modify the frequencies. - The GNS 430 are not working either (a few buttons are working but I also can't modify the frequencies nor use the approachs and other infos) For this last one, I saw that we can buy the GNS430/530 from RealityXP but is it mandatory ? Do we have to buy it or it is only for advanced functions ? Thank you very much,
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