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  1. I've checked, my P1A is already updated to version 1.2. I also replaced the RealityXP.GTN.ini file to make it as same as the original version. However, the VNAV still not work... I manually decend to FAF point, the plane can capture LPV glide slope though...
  2. Dear RXP staff, I recently purchased your GTN750 and found it is really a good product. However, I'm struggling to use the VNAV function of GTN750 on 2 of my 3rd party aireplanes, which are Aerobask Epic E1000 and Hotstart TBM900. I've already found that your GTN750 does not support TBM900 in an exist thread. Hoever, I'm not sure if it could work with my E1000 or not, as I'm really new to sim flying, I don't know if my operation was wrong, or it just not work with my E1000. I've checked all connection boxes to make GTN750 a mster device, connected it to GPS autopilot, and update simulator waypoints, and etc. Please also kindly let my know if your GTN750 works with Carenado Premier 1A. Best regards, Ming
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