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  1. Hello, Every hope you are enjoying the MODED Boeings after SU13. I find that in both BOEING Plane's FMC, One function does not work that is the SEND LSKEY or you may call it PERF/INIT command LSKEY. I find it always GRAYED not active Are there other flyers finding it inactive or not working? If any body find it works then please kindly share your command or trick here Thanks a lot
  2. Hello! Maany,many thanks for providing the VIDEO link. Regards
  3. Hi! Thank you so much again I have entered my SIMBRIEF ID in both in FMCs of both Boeings and it works partially, the ROUTE REQ. function works but the PERF INIT REQ. SEND function not work. However, I have at least put the IDs correctly with your help.
  4. No, I did not find any particular entry to put in, Please kindly give me some more details about where to put the Simbrief ID . In the SALTY MOD it ask automatically and a line appears where to put it. Thanks
  5. Hello! all flyers, As it is mentioned that a lot of AVIONICS improvement had gone into SU13 including B747 -8 ,B787-10 ete.ete.. I was trying to program a flight plan in the FMC of B747-8 using SIMBRIEF commands like REQUESTING to input the F/Plan and requesting INITS by clicking SEND button but it does not work, and a massage comes up "login to SIMBRIEF", Although, the Simbrief downloader constantly running and the F/Plan page is active as well. Since there is not any clues available it's difficult to work out how things work. I am wondering if any body knows the SIMBRIEF methods of how it works to setup a flight plan. Then please kindly share your tricks. Thanks a lot.
  6. H!, Everybody I am wondering if some body could come up with a few answers for me kindly. It's regarding the remote flight panels those are now available for MSFS2020, may be some simmers are using the APPs and they should know how to set up the rig with iPADS. All I want to find out, is, do I need to install all panel APPs (I want about 4 panel apps) in to ONE iPAD like HD COCKPIT , HD MAP, HD GLASS ete.or do I need to install each APP into each iPAD. seperetely. I watched a video but it did tell how to install the actual panel APPs. He explained nicely about installing the server and other program. With kind regards By the way I have 3 old iPADS
  7. World Update 13 is available for download
  8. Hello!, Every one I would like to share my SIMPUDATE problem here so may be some body could help me. I never had updating problem before since I installed very first time. I installed STEAM for some games that my grand son wanted to play about two months ago. Then yesterday when I started FS2020 the window come as normal for initial download for main UPDATE and at the very same time the STEAM window came as well asking to enter password for it, when password entered id did not work - the flight sim window shows error. I new it would not work because my MSFS2020 version is NOT either from STEAM or from MS STORE - it is DVD BOXED VERSION then I removed STEAM from my PC and tried to log in to MS STORE to SING OUT THEN AGAIN SIGN IN but no luck I signed out but can not sign in again and MS STORE is also messed up now and now it takes ages to load and it does not show my installed games or any APPs I had. So please if some body have any tips to help me please do. Thanks
  9. Hi!, I am wondering that when most of the GA aircrafts and recent Airbus A310-300 have their interiors modelled nicely that I can see youtuber's videos but when I try to get inside the cabin of an aircraft I can not. Even some third party MODs creators they do not provide any clue about how to view their works in the cabins. I can only recall that a MOD for TBM930 was created with one or two extra buttons to get inside cabin, unfortunately that mod does not work with the current version of MFFS2020. I assume a lot of simmers enjoying cabin view NODS, So I shall be obliged if any body kindly tell me the tips or tricks then I can enjoy like others. Thanks a lot
  10. Hi! Everyone, I am thinking of upgrading the CPU in my PC system which is a RYZEN 5 1500X and handles MSFS2020 quite well at medium settings. The question is if I upgrade to RYZEN 5 4500 ZEN2 CPU six cores and 12 threads, will it increase the performance without upgrading the graphic card which is a NVIDIA GTX 970. With Kind Regards.
  11. Hi!, I installed the AIG AI manager and AIG traffic Controller and used to work fine and I also downloaded some libraries with no issues. Recently (after WU VII) I wanted to download some more libraries and I find it's not working, The AIG Manager window comes up and shows the installed items but when I click flight plans and online then the libraries page does not appear so it does not show any libraries hence no download is possible. The AIG MOD still works with the existing installed ones. I am wondering if any other flyers having similar problem after the WU VII update or is this a particular problem for me. If anybody out there having any problems with AIG MOD then please share it here. By the way I tried to download the latest SOFTWARE from AIG website but the massage comes download pages are not available. So please put some light on this if any of you know anything about it. Thanks
  12. It is worse with me I can not control the AIRSPEED and ALTITUDE. I shall be pleased if any of you can kindly tell me how to control these two actions, the problem is that when I select an ALTITUDE or select the AIRSPEED and I can not make the aircraft follow the commands RIGHT CLICK LEFT CLICK on those control buttons but nothing happens. When I fly the stock model A320neo I have no problems. Thanks with regards
  13. No, It doesn't say anything about A320neo or FlyBywire A32NX how tofly it. Thanks
  14. Could you please a link for video that shows how to Fly the annoying addon. Thanks
  15. Hi!, I can not fly the FlyBywire A320 neo with the default A320 neo control. In most cases the controls do not response when I click on them for example when I want altitude -decend or claim in a selected or managed mode it does not work -no response similarly when I want to use selected or managed mode for heading or air speed it does not work I have gone through the online MANUAL published by FlyBuwire Team I did not find anywhere about how to use the controls or actually how to fly it. If any body can tell me please how to control these particular actions CLAIM, DESCEND, AIRSPEED BY SELECTED OR MANAGED MODE in Autopilot Mode. Thanks.
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