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  1. Hi! Everyone, I am thinking of upgrading the CPU in my PC system which is a RYZEN 5 1500X and handles MSFS2020 quite well at medium settings. The question is if I upgrade to RYZEN 5 4500 ZEN2 CPU six cores and 12 threads, will it increase the performance without upgrading the graphic card which is a NVIDIA GTX 970. With Kind Regards.
  2. Hi!, I installed the AIG AI manager and AIG traffic Controller and used to work fine and I also downloaded some libraries with no issues. Recently (after WU VII) I wanted to download some more libraries and I find it's not working, The AIG Manager window comes up and shows the installed items but when I click flight plans and online then the libraries page does not appear so it does not show any libraries hence no download is possible. The AIG MOD still works with the existing installed ones. I am wondering if any other flyers having similar problem after the WU VII update or is this a particular problem for me. If anybody out there having any problems with AIG MOD then please share it here. By the way I tried to download the latest SOFTWARE from AIG website but the massage comes download pages are not available. So please put some light on this if any of you know anything about it. Thanks
  3. It is worse with me I can not control the AIRSPEED and ALTITUDE. I shall be pleased if any of you can kindly tell me how to control these two actions, the problem is that when I select an ALTITUDE or select the AIRSPEED and I can not make the aircraft follow the commands RIGHT CLICK LEFT CLICK on those control buttons but nothing happens. When I fly the stock model A320neo I have no problems. Thanks with regards
  4. No, It doesn't say anything about A320neo or FlyBywire A32NX how tofly it. Thanks
  5. Could you please a link for video that shows how to Fly the annoying addon. Thanks
  6. Hi!, I can not fly the FlyBywire A320 neo with the default A320 neo control. In most cases the controls do not response when I click on them for example when I want altitude -decend or claim in a selected or managed mode it does not work -no response similarly when I want to use selected or managed mode for heading or air speed it does not work I have gone through the online MANUAL published by FlyBuwire Team I did not find anywhere about how to use the controls or actually how to fly it. If any body can tell me please how to control these particular actions CLAIM, DESCEND, AIRSPEED BY SELECTED OR MANAGED MODE in Autopilot Mode. Thanks.
  7. Thank you for your reply. I have a separate AVSIM library account .Regards
  8. Hi!, Thank you very much for your reply. I have created a different account for avsim library. Regards
  9. Hi!, All captains and first officers for last few days I have been trying to install the AIG MOD and there are couple of videos there are quite nicely explained but problem is when I need to log onto two WEBSITES for the installation, one of AIG forum and one is this AVSIM forum. Logging onto AIG forum is no problem but when I want to log in to avsim I can not get trough there are two problems one is when I click from the INSTALLATION screen for AVSIM one small screen comes on with some error massages saying scripts error along with some URLs and an other one is when the AVSIM library page pops and I put my user name password the massage comes password is wrong and another line says "your account for forum only you need separate account for library and it is confusing to me because now I'm logged in I can go to AVSIM library and can search for files and download them. So if anybody can tell me do I really need to create another account for AVSIM library during the installation of AIG software because AIG wants download libraries. About the "scripts error" massage, in the tutorial it says that to keep pressing the yes button until it disappears then you can log in but in my case it does not work like this, it does disappears after clicking several times but when I put my logging details and click log in button the "scripts error" screen pops up and I start clicking the yes button again until it goes away and when it's gone again at the same time the AVSIM logging screen becomes empty ask me again enter my log in details to log so this process keeps looping so I could not finish the installation. If anybody have some experience or suggestions then please share it here. Thanks with regards
  10. Hi!, I started the thread about the Google Map Mod just to find out how people are commenting about this MOD and how it can be installed and used. So far a lot of responses come to the FORUM including some legal arguments. I installed this Mod a few days ago and it worked and I (like every one else) find it's ground textures are nice to look at when mostly when you fly over other than the MSFS photogrammetry areas. When I flew over the photogrammetry cities I don't see much differences, you only see the changed ground textures when you very low and watch carefully. I think simmers should worry about if any harm arrives from using the MOD than the Legal matters. I flew about five times or less then I got problem like the sim would not load -stuck halfway to start screen then I removed the two lines from windows system 32 and delete the folder from my PC. Regards
  11. By now you should have found out that it's coming this Thursday 18/11/21
  12. HI!, Armchair Captains I have just installed a couple of free MODs from market place, UK2000 Common and Vessels Core libraries but when I fly around the airports I don't see any aircraft in any other libraries other than the default ones. And with the vessels core library I did not see any extra ships or boats other than Henrik's GAIST MOD's ships and boats. Since there are no instructions any where about these MODs, I have no idea what else to do to make them (ships,boats planes ete.)appear in the MSFS2020. If you are using those MODs, then please share your settings for the files like adjusting the sliders in the traffic section of the MSFS2020 or any other options. Thanks with regards.
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