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  1. As far as I know, flight envelope protection (not to be confused with FBW) has been introduced with the E2, and at least in the E1, the FCM cannot override any pilot input, and I’m curious if the FCM can override any pilot input in the E2. I don’t know the exact differences between the 3rd gen FBW (E1) and the 4th gen FBW (E2), but to me it sounds like Embraer is not marketing the new FBW as a minor change, and that they’re not marketing it as a major change. To me it sounds like Embraer is marketing the 4th gen FBW that is in the E2 like a ‘medium’ upgrade compared to the 3rd gen FBW that is in the E1. I also think that what Embraer is marketing as a medium upgrade in my opinion could be a minor upgrade in reality, because it’s marketing. I do understand that cockpit commonality is very important. Important edit: I’m not denying any facts, I have questions about the E2, and even though nobody said I’m denying facts, I just want to make this clear before anyone thinks I’m doing it.
  2. That is about the E1, not the E2, the E2 has a different FBW system than the E1.
  3. Hi there, I’m a new member and I’m not sure where to post this. I want to know if there is any site that covers the E2 flight control logic in high detail. I do know that the E2 has full flight envelope protection, and I do know that the yoke doesn’t move when the AP is engaged. Here are all my questions: Can the FCMs in the E2 override any excessive pilot input in normal mode? I expect that they can because the E2 FBW is, from what I understand, like the FBW in the Embraer Legacy 500, and the E2 FBW has full envelope procetion, and the E2 has full FBW. There is some information about the E2 FBW on this page, and it mentions the Legacy 500: http://www.embraercommercialjets.com/Pages/Ejets-175-E2.aspx Does the E2 have an electronic checklist and do pilots use it? Does the E2 have a derotation system so that the computers will derotate the nose if the PF doesn’t? Thanks in advance. Kind regards, FlyingBlueKLM
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