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  1. When buying directly from Milviz, does the download link sent at the time of the original purchase always resolve to the latest version of the product if it becomes available?
  2. I can confirm the paint.net software works as you described. Hard drive and memory footprints of the textures are much reduced. The blurriness, especially on the panels on higher zoom levels, is more noticeable. No other issues as far as I can tell. No significant increase in fps though. This is a good trade-off. The only thing paint.net lacks is some kind of batch processor. But this has to be discussed elsewhere.
  3. @JohnCott: That is a one piece of valuable information. You can only zoom so much and every fps counts. Should be applicable to other aircraft as well. As for checking with the developer, I am not sure if they even can say yes. If there is one condition present in pretty much all of the eulas, this is it.
  4. Thanks to all of you. I am glad that it will probably work. @JohnCott: What do you mean by "cutting the textures in half"? I remember lowres textures were offered by Milviz for the Baron. One meg instead of four. But I never thought of modifying them myself. Is that where you are pointing?
  5. I am thinking about getting the 310 Redux. My system is FSX based and dates back from 2013 (i7-3770,8GB RAM,Nvidia780/3GB). Orbx PNW is the only scenery addon. Flying the B55 in Seattle and its neighbourhood I get something between 20 and 30fps (30 is the target). Should I expect a significant performance drop with the revised Cessna? Thank you.
  6. Hello, can Milviz update Aerosoft's download version of the B55 please? Their latest version is currently 160510. Thank you!
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