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  1. I remember my instructor told me that every landing in a glider is a forced landing - treat it as such. Keep you potential and kinetic energy up (i.e. stay high and fast) until you are guaranteed to make the threshold then dump lift like no tomorrow, present the side of the fuselage to make drag like jeep on the interstate, and then spot land. I have taken powered pilots and rotary winged pilots for rides in a the glider and they freak out at the height on base leg and the rapid steep drop on final. (Commercial Glider rating)
  2. I have a RW Commercial Glider and PPL SEL.But have low-time history and haven't been able to fly in years. But what I remember is... When we flew cross-country between island in the Hawaii chain, we always flew a dog-legged track and a longer route than we needed to: We would note below fishing, sailing, and other pleasure boats and would consciously fly from boat-to-boat across the channel to the next island. This way if we ever had to go in the drink we'd be near a boat. "Hopefully" they would see us go down, "hopefully" as we relayed our posit on 121.5 those guys back at center would be telling the USCG to tell the boat to look up. Naturally this was VFR of course - can't deviate much on IFR routing. And TBH there wasn't ALWAYS a continuous chain of boaters along our path, but whenever there were, we flew them. The other thing to remember is that last best landing spot you just passed. I remember once the instructor pulled the throttle on me and I set up best glide and began a u-turn. He was like, where are you going? I said we just overflew Wheeler AFB (Army Airfield now) a few moments ago. He said most students never ever think about the perfectly fine long paved runway three miles behind them and instead opt for stretching a glide to that so-so spot five miles uphill and upwind...
  3. Thanks! Okay I'll contact you later. And yup, I think I might have bought it from a third party. I get all those PC Aviator and FlightSim.com emails so I'm constantly clicking on bills my paycheck can't handle! So yeah, maybe I did buy it third-party, can't remember. Thanks for the reply so soon.
  4. I think this may have happened to me. But maybe not. But maybe. I note, however, you said localizer (as opposed to G/S). In my case, I was lined up on-heading well outside the ILS range (i.e. 12 miles), so I acquired the LOC without any gross angles. I pressed the LOC button. Tracking fine. A few moments later I intercepted the glideslope. Pressed the APP button. It didn't throw the NO AUTOLAND yet. I dropped last notch flaps (I think 25, I was empty freighter re-basing). I dropped gear. Don't remember which order it was in - flaps or gear. Can't remember exactly how many miles close I was, but the altitudes were already being called out ("2,500" etc) when out of the blue NO AUTOLAND. WTH?! A quick glance at the autopilot light showed the all-three was no longer lit. I quickly pressed all three - nada. I re-pressed APP (it was already lit) - nada. Didn't have time to fiddle anymore, but it seemed to land by itself with me doing the throttles to keep vref, and then reverse thrust. Maybe I was on a lucky ballistic trajectory anyway at those final moments or maybe it was still actually doing some semblance of an autoland, I don't know, I didn't move the stick much at all. So my instance didn't throw the error at pressing the LOC nor the APP; it threw the error closer to short final. I wanna remember just prior to the MM flashing... Seems like everything was usual, and then bam! NO AUTOLAND. When exactly are we to press APP? At EXACTLY that moment when the pink diamond crosses ladder center? Or just a smidgen afterward? Or a hair prior? How much slush is built into the window of time for us to press APP? Is my inprecision in pressing APP what set off the NO AUTOLAND? And if so, why did it take so long after intercept to throw the error? EDIT: Yeah, maybe I pressed LOC too soon. But if I did, it was only a hair too soon. I didn't notice a "FAC". Ain't saying there wasn't a "FAC" indicated, just saying I didn't notice if there was. The whole thing behaved normally tho, up until a mile/few miles from the threshold before deciding it was gonna NO AUTOLAND. If it was because of early press of LOC, then why not throw the NO AUTOLAND right then and there? It is an disconcerting surprise to tease me with having it all the way down and then taking it away from me at the last second. It's a horrible "trigger" of my younger days when women use to do that to me all the time! LOL
  5. Hey guys, anyone know how to contact someone in the FS2Crew Store about one's account? Their "contact us" hyperlink throws an error. I need to contact them because I can't even login to the store to get the new update (May 2020). Logging in doesn't recognize any of my emails (and uses an email, not a username like this forum does). I do own the product (is why I know to log in for the new installer, because my product told me told the last time I played it). Thanks
  6. Hello, Can we map to a key on the keyboard the sub-views under VC? I am NOT talking about hitting "S" then "A". I am NOT talking about getting a radios panel pop-up. I am NOT talking about Shift+2, Shift+3, etc. I am talking about how in the VC with the mouse you can go "Right-Click > Cockpit > Left-Click on Overhead Lower Panel" . I want to map that Overhead Lower Panel to a key on the keyboard so I don't have to mouse around with my hand nor cycle through the views I don't need. (Obviously not all planes have "overhead lower panel" but you get my drift.) I would like the same thing with maybe the Pedestal, too. I want to be able to jump in a single keypress to the pedestal sub-view of the VC WITHOUT cycling the S & A keys and WITHOUT panning with the hat, and WITHOUT having a radios-only pop-up panel jump in front of the VC. In other words, were I to hat-pan over and up to the overhead, or right-click on the screen and choose Cockpit->Overhead Panel, or cycle through S & A keys repeatedly. Either way is clumsy. I just want to map a single key on my keyboard to jump from regular ole looking at the VC cockpit to looking at the Overhead view. Or Pedestal. Or co-pilot seat, or whatever.
  7. Interesting. Yeah, I guess I can "manually" place the PMDG QOTS vehicles, etc, and manually pushback.
  8. Hello, Noob user. How do you guys sync the timers between FS2C's Main Panel and PMDG's FMC's FSAction's Turn Around? They both start off together fine: FS2C MP at +59; FMC's Short turnaround at 1:00 and counting down... However, it soon happens that at a few points in my FS2C activities I speed time up (aka right-click on the down arrow). Before you know it, I'm at single digits mins left to go in the FS2C MP timer, but PMDG's FMC Ground Operations timer still shows like 23 mins or something... The FS2C FA is wanting to close up the doors but the PMDG vehicles are still slinging tin foil meals into the galleys. Is there a setting , technique, or trick to keep the two timers sync'd? Or can I let em drift and then do a one-time sync later? Or is it not possible? Do we just have to sit thru an actual 59 mins of real life time prepping at the gate for realism's sake?
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