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  1. Hi, ever since updating to v1.7, it seems that FS2Crew's voice recognition has gotten worse, to the point where voice control is no longer usable. No matter what I say, FS2Crew always reads it as "off and out" or "off and in." Occasionally it will read SRS or a bunch of random numbers. I've never experience this before. I've ran Windows speech training and it was able to read what I say without problems. Please help, thank you.
  2. Alright just did a flight on Vatsim and everything's working well. I did not do a reinstall or anything. I am still confused how P3D got muted the first time though. Nevertheless it's working now so thank you By the way, speech recognition seems to be doing strange things. Sometimes it makes P3D to pause (similar to pressing the ESC key), sometimes it opens the Windows menu bar, sometimes it opens the internet browser, it even turns off the autopilot sometimes. In one instance, the screen even showed a white overlay with boxes and numbers (I don't know what this is). This happens even when I hard muted FS2Crew by pressing HM. Any way I can prevent speech recognition from doing this?
  3. Hi, I have done both prior to facing the issues (also I've always had comms set to "do nothing" since it has interfered with Discord before) The P3D sound hotkey was definitely not an issue as I've only programmed the C N and M keys. I've also double checked that the sound box was checked through the P3D menu bar. The Vpilot one I think may have something to do with speech recognition. I've never had speech recognition on prior to installing FS2Crew. I'll check over on that and maybe update here if I have any leads
  4. Hi, recently installed FS2Crew for the first time and after following the documents and all, I gave it a go. First time I did so, P3D sound was lost not long after I pressed the HS button on the main panel. The sim did not crash, just no sound. FS2Crew sounds, including the audio test still ran normally. Resetting the audio in FS2Crew did not recover the P3D sound (don't think it's supposed to but worth a try) After a few more attempts and getting the same result, I tried loading P3D but only bringing up the FS2Crew main panel a minute or so after the FSLabs loaded. I also refrained from pressing the HS button, waiting a minute or so before doing it. Now P3D sound remained running as normal but Vpilot was not working. I could not receive audio. RX button in Vpilot did not light up despite controllers texting me that they were transmitting. It was during an event so there were other traffic on the frequency so the problem was definitely on my side. I have seen problems where Vpilot's RX button lit up but no audio coming in, but I've never seen one where RX button didn't even light up. This problem wasn't present before I installed FS2Crew. Note: Speech recognition was off before starting P3D. I turned in on when P3D was doing the scenario loading. I also never turned speech recognition on before, but I had followed the instructions (setting the mic, doing the profile training) Also, my headset uses an audio jack, not USB. Please help, thanks
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