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  1. Hi Everyone. For some years I flew FSX Steam edition with the B737 PMDG which I use to prepare for my sim at the airline I work. However I need to buy these again. I'm used to old school CD's.I was using Xplane 11 and Zibo Mod for a few days, but just too many hassles for me and still some bugs on that. I'm not to clued up on installation tweaks etc. So It's back to MFS and PMDG. Loading saved flights are giving me hassles with the Zibo Mod. Is this option still available please? Can I download everything from the WEB? I did some research, but not getting clear info. Please if anyone could assist me with info, as I lost plenty of time trying to sort the Zibo Mod, and when one thing is sorted, the next issue shows up. I need something I can just install and fly approached and departures with failures. Thanks for reading and helping. Flying Regards Lowaldo
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