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  1. Yes I did. I deleted completely everything from My Documents/Microsoft Flight Simulator X folder but still no change. I start the engines and it remains in same position. I’d naturally think it’s corrupted aircraft, but when I select different one the result is same.
  2. Now there is another problem, when I try to sweap all the flights, I can’t continue. Have a look. I delete everything, but can’t go to menu again or close the LOAD tab somehow. So even though I delete it, it remains there. https://imgur.com/dVroWxd https://imgur.com/Q0hEEqZ
  3. Thanks for advice, I’ll try it and let you know
  4. Hi, I’ve been experiencing for longer time issues with gps engine failure. What basically happens is that once I start the simulation it’s ok until I start the engines. The GPS panel remains stucked, so I can’t use GPS. It happend when I was using A320, but I tried different aircrafts and result was same. Has anybody dealt with this problem as well? How did you solve it? Thanks for replies https://imgur.com/14TYq2l https://imgur.com/MA4EGAj
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