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  1. My only concern is the fact you lose sight of your physical controls and I sometimes feel around like a fool or a bump something. For those things like the Halo Lens... that is where I'd think this would work best. At least you keep your spatial awareness, however, that takes away from the immersion you get from a full VR helmet. For me, the IR tracking will be enough unless my VR helmet can track my throttles and yoke so that I can confidently reach out and grab them. I'm always up for trying it out with my current setup when available.
  2. I just found a few other posts that were able to assist me. Go ahead and delete this post as it likely will confuse more than help anyone.
  3. Hi all, Hoping to get some help on an error when trying to install FSUIPC4 with FSX Steam. Let me know if this is even possible as it may not be. During install I get two error prompts - 1. FSUIPC4 window and 2. Windows popup error. Does this mean it isn't compatible with FSX Steam? ---o UPDATE I did not go through all of my simconnect install files. I didn't realize I needed to install from all three folders in the FSX Steam SDK folder. However, when starting FSX Steam I get an error indicating a problem with the install dll. When I select Yes to run... FSX Steam crashes. Any help? Thanks, TJ
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