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  1. hi all, just bought the realityxp gns430 so i can do the egnos rnav approaches into the airports i fly into in real life for practice. im having a real hard time getting this sorted, i installed the product and configure the gauges and cockpit pop up windows with the gns430 and i start the aircraft up and black screen on both the gauge and pop up window for the gns430!!!! i hope i have installed it correctly or its something else. would really appreciate the help :)
  2. hi i have screen shots of what the vegatation looks like and the random grass in the views if you would like to see please contact me PM email so i can somehow share what my settings are and the issue that it is causing visually.:(
  3. Hi i have installed P3dV4 updates recently and installed all my other scenerys from ORBX and UK2000 etc. However when i loaded in with vegatation on my screen was full of trees and grass randomly everywhere. Even when i moved views it would bug out and show trees and bushes and grass everyhwere in the camera view. I turned off the vegatation and it stopped but now it looks like a flat ladn with just buildings! I have reinstalled everything!!! and that didnt work either ad turned off some other addons and still nothing 😞 Can someone help as the sim looks naked without the vegataion:(
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