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  1. Having a similar problem, where i can't get the Buffalo liveries for the L-188 to show up. Tried numerous time but no joy. thamks Pete
  2. is the ch throttle quadrant compatible with FS2020 Is there any instructions on how to install into FS2020
  3. yes, no problems at all, nor with any other Carenado A/C Thanks
  4. Another throttle problem...? I have just reinstalled Carenado C208B Grand Caravan HD (FSX), and the aircraft works fine including the CH Throttle Quadrant (all levers). I have also purchased Carenado C208B Super Cargomaster Expansion (for FSX), but the throttle lever springs back to idle position whether i am using the CH or keyboard (1 2 3 4). All other operating features appear to work fine, but given i can't get off the ground, that remains to be seen. Tried numerous suggested fixes but the problem remains. I also started with the std HD model (ready for taxi), then tried to switch to the Cargomaster but still no throttle...? Thanks
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