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  1. Wow, well done LM's P3D team. Big performance improvements!! I've installed 5.3 and can confirm that it's running very high settings very well! 👏 I'm running EVGA FTW 3080ti, an i9-11900k CPU with 64GB of memory. It actually feels like I'm getting the performance my system deserves. Very happy about this release, kudos to the developers involved! This update should hopefully bring back any P3D users who converted to MSFS 2020. I have both and prefer P3D (especially v5.3).
  2. Hey @RXP, thanks for continuing to support the product. I managed to get it working well in P3D v5 and have been really enjoying as always. I've noticed an update that was released in June, and and I've been trying to find out more about the P3D v5 Hotfix 2 release notes. Looking online at http://reality-xp.com/appcast/rxpGTN-FS.html, it mentions that v is the (JUN2020) release. and described as "New: Compatible with Prepar3D v5 HotFix 2". When I update the software using the software updater, it says that it's v2.4.20.2 (JUN2020) with the same note. I had two questions: i.) I was running and it states that (JUN2020) is the latest version, but your website states (JUN2020) is the latest update. Is there a discrepancy between the two versions, or possibly a typo on either the software updater, or the web site? ii.) What changes in the JUN2020 release reflect the P3DV5 HF2 update? Before I installed the JUN2020 version, it appeared that RXP was working fine with (MAY2020) release. I was curious to know what changes were made and if they will be noticeable on my end? Thanks!
  3. This has made a considerable FPS performance increase on P3D v5. Great advice, thank you.
  4. Just an update regarding my original problem: I have installed both P3D v4.5 and P3D v5, and the issue regarding the main flight window blacking out when the RealityXP pop up window is dragged outside of the main display is only an issue on P3D v5, and works fine on P3D v4.5. This leads me to believe that it is either P3Dv5 or DX12 bug code as it can't be replicated on P3D v4.5. I think it's safe to say that I can rule out issues from an OS/system level.
  5. @Rob_Ainscough I can confirm, that I do see your images on the thread you posted.
  6. Thanks for the detailed response @RXP. I'm starting to lean towards a bug, the issue is just identifying where that bug may be coming from. You've mentioned some very valid and good points, including that both DX12 and P3Dv5 are the newly implemented change cases. My hardware, operating system, etc have all remained the same except for those two software applications you've touched up on. To confirm, I'm not using NVidia Surround since my display resolutions are vastly different from one another. Unfortunately for me, it appears that my only options are to: 1.) Wait for a DX12 update, and verify. 2.) Wait for a P3Dv5 patch update, and verify. 3.) Roll back to P3D v4.5 If I don't get this resolved in the next week or two, I will most likely go with option 3. Ideally, I was hoping to remain with P3Dv5 due to the performance increases, but will most likely have to wait a while. Thanks @RXP for deep diving this issue with me. I should also mention, that I currently do not have access to another video card, so that will not be an option at the moment.
  7. @RXP I meant to say that Display 1 was using DisplayPort, not S-Video. Sorry for the confusion.
  8. Disconnect display 3 entirely (its adapter, cables etc...), then reboot the computer, then try scenario 1 (on display 1 and 2 remaining): I have not uninstalled the display adapter drivers from Device Manager > Drivers. All monitor displays showing up as Generic PnP Monitor making it difficult to distinguish which driver is used for which display monitor. Scenario 4: - Main Display is set to Display 1 - Disconnected Display 3 on Windows Display settings - Unplugged Display 3 VGA/DVI from GTX 1070 - Rebooted PC, and retried Scenario 1 - Loaded P3D flight, main flight window loaded on Display 1 - Undocked RXP window - Resizing RXP window causes main flight window to black out - Dragging main flight window to Display 2 brings back main flight window image. - Dragging RXP window to Display 2 blacks out main flight window. - Dragging RXP window back to Display 1 brings image back to main flight window on Display 2 - Closing RXP window, then dragging main flight window to any Display afterwards reloads main flight window image *** Results: Same outcome as Scenario 1 Scenario 5: - Main Display is set to Display 2 - Reconnected Display 3, Disconnected Display 1 on Windows Display settings - Unplugged Display 1 DisplayPort from GTX 1070 - Rebooted PC, and retried Scenario - Attempted to load P3D flight on Display 2, P3D crash - Event Viewer showing error logs: -- SOURCE: .NET Runtime - "Application: Prepar3D.exe, Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception. Exception Info: exception code c0000005, exception address: 00007FF9`5E112DE. No stack trace provided. -- SOURCE: Application Error - "Faulting application name: Prepar3D.exe, Faulting module name: VCRUNTIME140.dll, version 14.23.27820.0, Exception code 0xc0000005, Fault offset: 0x00...0012de, Faulting process id: 0x608. - Attempted to load P3D flight a second time, P3Dv5 main flight window loads on Display 2 - Undocked RXP window, RXP window displays on Display 2, both RXP and main flight window show image until resizing RXP window. - Dragging main flight window to Display 3 returns image to main flight window. - Dragging main flight window back to Display 2 blacks out main flight window. *** Results: Seeing similar issues as before Is there a way you could hook up at least 2 displays in HDMI or HDMI/DP instead of S-Video and compare? Unfortunately not. My GTX 1070 video outputs are 1x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort, 1x DVI. I've tried to enable my onboard HDMI video card from my motherboard (enabled in BIOS), but never had any luck with getting both onboard HDMI and GTX 1070 video inputs to work at the same time. Besides, where do you get VGA output from?! The VGA output comes from the Emuteq GNS530 hardware as mentioned here: http://www.emuteq.com/GNS530.html I use a VGA to DVI adapter so I can plug in the Emuteq GNS530 hardware to my video card. This worked fine in P3Dv4.5.
  9. Hey @RXP, I started writing down my troubleshooting steps yesterday for a developer at P3D, and will share them with you as well. I am going to do a bit more testing today, but thought I'd share with you what I currently have. But first, regarding your questions: What is your video card type and driver version? Gigabyte [Nvidia] GeForce GTX 1070: Driver version, (latest version) Your Windows version? Windows 10 Pro: Version 1909, OS Build 18363.778 Your Simulator version? P3D Version What are you screen resolutions? Display 1: 34" Ultrawide, 3440x1440 [DisplayPort] Display 2: 43" 4K, 4096x2160 [HDMI] Display 3: 5.6" Emuteq GNS530, 1024x768 [VGA to DVI adapter] What are you screen relative positions (like in the Windows > Display settings, how are they arranged one to the other) [ 1 ] > [ 2 ] > [ 3 ] - Extend desktop to this display How did you setup the following P3D Display settings (a screenshot might be easier): - Resolution: Matches display screen resolutions mentioned above - Black-out Desktop: Disabled - Auto-fill Main View: Currently Disable, initially Enabled - VSync: Enabled, also tested with Disabled - Wide-view Aspect Ratio: Disabled, Display 2 is not widescreen. Do you run P3D window maximized (the top right title bar button), or full screen (ALT+ENTER)? - Window maximized Is the P3D window covering 1 screen entirely, or 2 screens? - P3D main flight window on 1 screen only, preferable Display 2 Is this happening with the GNS, the GTN, both? - GNS530, undocked RXP Window Is this happening with popup windows or undocked window? - Undocked RXP Window Systems Check - Updated Windows to latest patch release - Updated latest Nvidia Graphics driver - Verified all devices were running in Device Manager - Verified DX12 version, and diagnosis were good Display Hardware GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070 Display 1: 34" Ultrawide, 3440x1440 [DisplayPort] Display 2: 43" 4K, 4096x2160 [HDMI] Display 3: 5.6" Emuteq GNS530, 1024x768 [VGA to DVI adapter] ** Goal is to get main flight window on Display 2, and GNS530 GPS to Display 3 *** P3D Tests Scenario 1: - Display 1 is set to 'main display' in Windows Display settings. - I load a flight in P3Dv5 on Display 1, undock RXP window and it runs fine on Display 1. - If I resize the RXP window on Display 1, the main flight window goes black on Display 1. - Resizing, or dragging RXP to any other monitors does not fix the main flight window. - Moving the main flight window to Display 2 brings back the view, and RXP window is working on Display 1. - Moving the RXP window to Display 2 blacks out the main display window again, this time the RXP window is shown twice on Display 2, both a detached window, and a docked* window within the main flight window. - Dragging the RXP window to Display 3 still shows a docked* RXP window in Display 2, and undocked in Display 3. - Main flight screen on Display 2 is still black. Dragging main flight screen window across any of the screens no longer returns an image. - Dragging RXP window to Display 1, returns main flight window image on Display 2. - Closing RXP window creates black screen on main flight window image on Display 2. - Dragging main flight window back to Display 1 brings back image. - Moving main flight window to any display now shows image. *** Results: RXP and main flight window only work together if RXP is on Display 1, and main flight window is on Display 2; and main flight window works on Display 1, 2 and when RXP window is closed and only after dragging main window to another display first. The docked window mentioned in Scenario that is noted with '*' is not an actual docked window. The docked* window has no dock menu options, but only an image representation of the RXP window. Scenario 2: - Display 2 is set to 'main display' in Windows Display settings. - I load a flight in P3Dv5 on Display 2, main flight screen loads on Display 1. - Undocking the RXP window brings the RXP window to Display 2. - Resizing RXP window on Display 2 does not affect main window image. - Dragging RXP window to Display 1 shows both a docked, and undocked* window, and a black main flight screen. - Dragging the RXP window to Display 2 brings main display window image back. - Dragging RXP window to Display 3, shows docked* RXP window on Display 1, along with black image in main flight window. - Dragging RXP window to Display 2, and every window is functioning again. - Closing the RXP window makes the main flight window on Display 1 black, with docked image. - Moving the main flight window to Display 2, brings back the image. - Moving the main flight window image to Display 1, 2 or 3, and the image still appears while RXP window is closed. *** Results: RXP and main flight window only work when RXP window is on the Display 2. The pattern being observed is that the RXP undocked window only works on whatever the 'main display' was specified as in the Windows Display settings. - Loaded P3D v5 on Display 1 set as 'main display' in Window Display settings to verify differential findings between Scenario 1 and 2 - Attempted to load P3D flight twice, and P3D crashes on all attempts - Load P3Dv5 a third time, couldn't find P3D logging option in settings - Tried loading P3D flight on Display 1, crashes a third time - Restarted PC Retested Scenario 1: - confirmed findings from Scenario 2 that once RXP window was closed, and the main flight window was dragged onto Display 1 and an image was shown, that it could also be moved to other displays with no problems to the image. Scenario 3: As much as I was hesitant to load P3Dv5 on a 5.6" display, I wanted to run this test since ultimately I wanted the RXP window to work on Display 3. - Display 3 is set to 'main display' in Windows Display settings. - Load P3Dv5, main flight window loads on Display 1 - Main flight window not responding, P3D crashes again. - This time I look into Event Viewer and find the P3Dv5 Application error that's been causing my crashes: -- "Faulting application name: Prepar3D.exe version:, time stamp: 0x5e9506d, Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.DLL, VERSION 10.0.18362.778, TIME STAMP: 0xafa78a6a" - There's also an informational windows error reporting log as well. - Disabled 'stable' CPU and GPU overclock to see if that's what was causing the P3Dv5 crashes. OC settings were stable in P3Dv4.5 Other random options that I've tried enabling/disabling: - Unchecked autofill main view (config set to checked) - Changed Emuteq resolution to 800x600, no difference made - I've tested by changing: -- FXAA to both ON and OFF (current config set to ON) -- Tested texture Resolutions from Medium to Ultra (current config set to Ultra) -- VSync to OFF (currently config set to On) -- Triple Buffering to OFF (config set to checked) -- Enhanced Atmospherics (Beta) to ON (config set to Off) -- HDR Lighting to Disabled (config set to Enabled) -- P3D Display settings reset to defaults Going to run more tests today with Scenario 3. After that test has completed, I am open to trying out new scenarios. I've noticed that the main flight window will only work if the RXP window is running on the display that 'main display' is set to in Windows Display settings.
  10. Oh, i misunderstood. Yes, that's correct. We're having the reverse problem. My RXP screen is fine, but my main is blank. Sorry for the confusion. I do not have ChasePlane installed.
  11. Thanks for sharing Rob. That sounds like the same issue I'm having. I can undock RXP, but as soon as I move it to another monitor, my main flight screen goes black. I'm looking forward to seeing a potential update, as this is my only limiting factor to using P3D v5 at the moment.
  12. Thank you. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help testing. I'm looking forward to hearing if anyone else is dealing with this issue, as I have a newly installed copy with only Orbx, Carenado C172, RXP, and flight hardware installed. I've tried this with both P3D and Carenado aircraft, and had the same results. My guess is that it's a P3D related bug, but wanted to update you as well in case you had any insight to the issue.
  13. @RXP, I'm currently trying to work on a solution with your product and LH through their P3D forum: https://prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=137267&p=214807#p214807 The problem appears to be loading up the RXP window, and moving it onto another monitor. When I undock the RXP window, and move onto any monitor (emuteq, 34" ultra widescreen, etc), it blacks out the main P3D flight screen, and there's nothing I can do but close P3D and reopen, and not use RXP as a popup window. You can see a bit more details in the P3D forum thread I posted above. I wanted to share with you in case this was RXP specific, as the other undockable P3D windows don't necessarily mimic the same issue as RXP's window. Seems like it might be a DX12 issue maybe? Did you encounter any issues like this yet with RXP + P3Dv5? I'm not sure if the problem lies directly with P3D v5, or if RXP needs to accommodate for DX12? Thought I would share with you in case you had more insight. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this issue with P3D v5. It worked great in P3D v4.5.
  14. I've been having a reoccurring issue that's happened consistently with the latest P3D v5 release. I'm running my main flight screen at 4k, and have an Emuteq GNS530 screen I run RealityXP on that's 1024x768. As soon as I drag my GPS window to the GNS530 screen and maximize in Window mode, my main flight screen goes black, and I can no longer see anything including the menu bar. Only the Window title bar is visible on top. I can still see the RXP screen as maximized window on the GNS530, and can drag the window across my other screens without any issue to the RXP GNS530 software displaying. However, I can't get the main flight screen to show anything; the only way is to close P3D and reopen. This unfortunately prevents me from using my GNS530 hardware. Has anyone else experienced this same issue, or has any potential solutions, or other thread post leads? I am currently running an Nvidia 8Gb GTX 1070 video card, with 64G ram, and an Intel i7700-k running at 4.8Ghz.
  15. You're absolutely correct, thanks for calling this out. I loaded up Nvidia Inspector and indeed it's showing GPU usage 80-90%+ compared to ~8% in Task Manager. Yea, I agree. It does appear to show promise in regards to performance improvements, but is very buggy and I will have to reluctantly also uninstall P3D v5, and go back to P3D 4.5 until there are P3D v5 updates/hotfixes released to fix a large number of current issues.
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