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  1. Thanks Rogen, is Lorby Organizer almost the same as SimStarter, where you can manage (on/off) add-ons seperately ? I will check shaders, scenery indexes and p3d.cfg again. And you suggest to switch on one add-on after another, to check the faulty ? So start P3D after each add-on again and again ? Thanks, Steff
  2. I made some further investigations and found P3D v4.5 crashing to desktop when starting PUSHBACK or leaving the RWY at airports (e.g. EDDK, LOWI, EDDS), no problems in the air. Is this behaviour typical for a known problem ? Thanks for any ideas. Steff
  3. Tanks for your replies. I will check what Visual C++ updates have been installed lately. faulty modules ... how can I identify them inside event manager, do they have a special tag ? VRAM ... could be it, but how is it possible, that all days before VRAM is fine, but next day reducing to low ? Shaders ... what is the main topic behind shaders inside P3D, what is it´s function ? thanks a lot, steff
  4. hi community, everything worked fine and stable, but 2 days ago, P3D v4.5 suddenly CTD again and again. I checked WIN10 updates (no updates available) and other parameters, because I did not change anything in the days before. P3D CTD at different times, after 80% of loading, after 100% loading and pushing back, or after a longer flight while taxing in. do you have any suggestions what might be the problem ? thanks, steff
  5. thanks ladbound, I will have a look and try to understand how download and installation will work. Steff
  6. thanks gerard, i will have a closer look ... but it seems like lots of studys to be able to get it work (I am a total beginner with sceneries :) ? Is there any possible payware you are using yourself ? thanks
  7. hi community, is there any hi quality photo-scenery ITALY available on the market for P3D v 4.5 (quality like e.g. Austria HD earlier) ? thanks for any hints.
  8. Thank you for your ideas ... the problem was the AUDIO file (noticed in process-manager). Now it runs smooth again.
  9. I investigated last 2 days what the reason might be ... I found in taskmanager under process - the entry WINDOWS AUDIO which was already in 2nd to 3rd row from the top, so very busy for the pc and disabled it - which gave me right away my around 40 FPS back !!! I have no idea where it came from ... Now there is something strange left over that did not happen before ... When taxiing out (away from gates) i notice micro-stutters now every 3-4 seconds, the same when taxing-in to gates later (at another airport). But shortly after lift-off, everthing is smooth and the flight is stable. Do you have an idea, what issue it could be ? Thanks.
  10. yes there was an WIN 10 update, but i already uninstalled it, cleared the SHADERS and to be sure - the prepare.cfg. without any success until now
  11. ... and the weirdest thing is, that for testing, I started MSFS2020 before to look, if it´s performance is the same. but it runs smooth as always at around 40 FPS ... Now why is it P3D v4.5 reacting so strangly all of a sudden ??
  12. hi community, everything went fine with about 30 FPS until a week ago. But since a few days I start P3D v4.5 and as soon as I unclick PAUSE, FPS drop to 8 !!? and no flying is possible anymore. I did not change anything inside the PC, same settings as last week. I checked WIN10 updates, Defender settings, Performance (CPU 20%, GPU 30% standing at a gate, so a lot of room for calculations), deselected any frame-killer like UTliveTraffic, GSX, GSX2 and so on, but the frames per second stay around 8. When pressing PAUSE again, the FPS rise to around 30 ! What can be the reason ? Did you encounter this weird situation before ? Thanks for any idea
  13. So, as far as I can see, me as a user of P3D v4.5 has to spend a lot more money (more than P3D costs) to buy a third-party software like EZdoc or ChasePlane to setup own VIEWS (e.g. 3 different views onto an apron of an airport) ? Or is there an easy way to customize the views allready existing (with all parameters like heigt, rotation, angle, koordinates) ? Thanks for any ideas Top
  14. Thanks Gerard, can I define for this new view a keyboard-shortcut to simplify the view-change ?
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