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  1. Ok, done! I've sent you the e-mail with my name and STE.
  2. STE200404-4152-19228 I ran the diagnostics and said: Diagnostics complete - no major issues found.
  3. Hi, So, I bought DX10 Fixer with the Cloud Shadows addon, installed it and it worked, but I cound't see the cloud shadows. I went to the forum and tried all the Fixes in the FAQ for DX10 Cloud Shadows, but none of the worked, then I tried the debug to send the screenshot but it dosen't seen to be working, I added the line in the DX10 ini file and builded the shader then I flew towards Brighton at 3000 ft, but I didn't see any debug lines like in the screenshot, so now I'm out of options, please help me. Image below is me flying south of Brighton with the DebugCloudShadows:
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