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  1. Hi, anybody heard of this isue? I couldn't find anything on the web. Had not tried VR yet, so decided to do that today. Updated all drivers, MSFS and SteamVR before. I can enter VR without problems in the main menu and while flight planning and all works great. It also works fine in VR through loading into the flight. But once the flight has loaded, SteamVR seems to disconnect and reconnect constantly every two seconds. In the headset then I only see the Steam wait background screen with a message that changes intermittently every two seconds from "Home - Now exiting" to "next - FS2020". The SteamVr app window shows similar messages. It stays like this until I deactivate VR or return to the main menu, where VR works again fine. During the constant disconnects I can see the VR view on the monitor, but it flashes intermittently with the disconnections. I'm using Valve Index. Tried going into the SteamVR beta as well just in case but results are the same. Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. For me it happens when I load a saved flight.
  3. Wasn’t there an image of a TBM landed on a field with the door open in one of the weekly previews? The image was from inside the cockpit and I remember it looked incredibly real with the nice grass and the rolling hills...
  4. I prefer steam because I feel I learn better with it. With glass, it’s like learning to drive in an automatic car. You first learn manual and when you can handle that well, you jump into automatic. I like glass, but only in some situations, I mostly avoid it.
  5. word not allowed, I preordered already...
  6. Doesn't viz's post in the first page solve the issue? He provided more than enough proof, didn't he? I'm by far not an expert, but his post just convinced me not to worry about runway lights at all (not that I did before...).
  7. I doubt it will have too much importance. If anything it will be used for multiplayer, but as it’s not even stated in the minimum requirements, I expect the upload usage will be negligible.
  8. Good to hear this. Wasn’t sure if I’d be able to pilot anything without this...
  9. Thanks, forgot completely about that.
  10. Anyone know what’s the button to order by date over there? Can’t understand a thing...
  11. Even with the faults being commented here, at least to me it still looks like ages ahead of anything we have now and very much looking forward to getting my hands on it...
  12. It’s in the comparison thread, I think it’s in Switzerland or Austria...
  13. Is it only for alpha participants? Because I used to be able to read all channels and since at least a week they all seem to have disappeared or gone private...
  14. Try with Edge. For me it doesn't work at all with other browsers.
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