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  1. My scenario: I'm using rxp gtn 750 & 650 with Xplane 11's stock G1000 C172. I'm not (at this point) worried about having them integrated into the cockpit and am just using the pop-up windows on a 2nd computer screen from my screen 1 Xplane window. The problem I've been having is getting the info from the RXP devices to correctly display on the HSI, autopilot, etc. I've tried semi-randomly playing with the various advanced and normal settings with mixed results. Sometimes close but never 100% functionality. If anyone could give me their best settings with this type of scenario that would be most fantastic. I've gone through the support forum but have yet to find any definitive recommendations that seemed to apply. I have a number of screen captures that I was trying to insert into this post but the 'insert image from URL' button is not functioning for me. Here are locations for the images: GTN 750 Screen captures: GTN 650 Screen captures: Thanks for any guidance you can provide.
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