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  1. So i did Onurair's solution and it worked! Panels are now sorted and are no longer pixelated. However, they can be a little blurry when i zoom out my camera but i think that's because of mipmapping. Thanks for everyone's help!
  2. Okay thanks. I think I'll try doing what you did aswell
  3. Gabshall did you find out what addon was causing it then??
  4. This actually help a lot. It didn't completely solve the issue though. I feel like it could still be much better. Also it's a bit of an annoying solution as i'll have to do it for every aircraft and test it for every aircraft.
  5. Has anyone found a better solution than deleting all my addons?? I would rather not if I can help it but if i need then i guess i have no choice.
  6. The other day i bought P3D V5 and upgraded from FSX:SE. However, in P3D, when i put panel lights on in my Justflight c152 the instruments become very pixelated and in other aircraft where there is a glass cockpit, the displays are very pixelated. These problems never happened in FSX and i'm wondering if anyone can point me towards a setting or give me some other advise to improve this. I have tried to find a setting but haven't been able to. Thanks to anyone who can help and i hope to get a response soon.
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