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  1. What sim would that be? I use four different sims on a regular basis and none of them requires an active internet connection. Well, except for Prepar3d because of the many, many addons which pretty much requires it both for installing and during daily use. Do you remember a few weeks back when the Orbx servers went down and everyone went bananas? I guess you don't use Vatsim, or perform flight planning using online data, or update your AIRAC data, or use real life weather, and so on. That sounds a bit dull. Since you're likely referring to MSFS, I thought that this online requirement myth had been killed by now. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that prevents you from creating and using offline sceneries just like in any other sim. It's just that there is also an option to stream data from remote servers to get a level of detail that would otherwise require each user to have several petabytes of local storage. And as you might know, any downloaded data is cached locally. Since most of us likely fly in the same areas many times, we can use the highly detailed scenery data without downloading anything in about 99% of the flights.
  2. The visual effects editor is obviously not interesting enough for MS or for enough developers/users to make it a priority. Simple as that. Also, it makes total sense to not create these kind of features too early in the process because many things will naturally have to change as the other areas move forward. MSFS is not yet another FSX, things will take time. Creating a complete SDK or various visual editors before the base is mature enough does not make sense. If that does not suit you, you will just have to wait. Or contribute in other ways. Hundreds of developers, both commercial an freeware, have successfully been developing tools, sceneries and airplanes for MSFS already. You make it sound like all developers are just sitting there waiting for a non-existent SDK and non-existent documentation but the amount of released addons says otherwise. The interaction between Asobo and the 3rd party developers and user community compared to creators of other sims is pretty much outstanding. If you feel that it's impossible to reach them, have you thought about why? I'm just speculating here, but if you show the same kind of attitude towards them as you do here, maybe that's something to think about. I find that Asobo is very open about their roadmap, the bugs, the upcoming features and fixes. They take bug reports and feature requests seriously. I've been reporting well over 30 bugs to LM over the years. 0 of them have been fixed. Zero. For most of them LM have not even responded even though many users have reported the same bugs. There is no roadmap, no plan, no open list of bugs currently being worked on. Nothing. I've reported 5 bugs in MSFS so far. 4 of them have been fixed and the 5th is planned for the future. That's how you attract the community.
  3. Yes, absolutely. Because MSFS is in most aspects a completely new platform. FSX was based on a platform what was already very, very old. Nothing strange or controversial about this, the MSFS SDK is quickly catching up but obvously you can't compare a 3 year old SDK with a 30 year old SDK. Developing an SDK takes time, especially when the platform you're writing the SDK for is a very fast moving target. Talking about "their rationale" behind those "changes" seems to imply that everything is based on FSX/P3D. This is not the case here. The rationale is that this is a new platform that is currently being developed. Nothing magic about that.
  4. The good old runway light popping bug again... The answer is no, there is not. The runway/taxi lights draw angle/distance bug has been present since the very beginning of this sim. It was even reported and discussed when ACES was in charge and they said it was an old optimization feature that should some day be fixed. It never was. It has then been reported to LM for years. At some point they confirmed that they would look into it but they never did. This was P3Dv3 or v4 I think. It was in P3Dv1 an it's still present in the latest P3Dv5. Amazingly enough most people don't seem to care about this issue. Some even still to this day deny its existence ("it must be you").
  5. Noone is telling you to ditch anything. I'm just saying that to me it's pretty clear where this is going. For all of us who have been in the flight sim world for a long time we know the feeling too well of being left behind, trying to get various abandoned and non-compatible addons and versions to work together. I'm not going to just sit here and wait for this to happen again. If you think that P3D and its addons make for a good sim then fine. Personally I'm done. It's simply not enjoyable because of the many issues and I see absolutely nothing happening from the developer in the right direction. No matter if you like it or not we already see pretty much every 3rd party developer shifting their focus away from P3D. Not only because they follow the money but because they see potential and innovations and a community and a developer that cares. Their own words, not mine. A handful of angry hardcore flight simmers that will hold on to P3D forever will not be able to pay the salary for those 3rd party developers. I think that the core engine of P3D is long past its end of life. The V5 failure showed very clearly that it can't be fixed without an unreasonable amount of rewriting from scratch. If the core isn't working, the rest will fail sooner or later. This is not to cause a flame war between sims or because I'm some MSFS fan, it's just my honest opinion based on my 20+ or so years of experience with various sims both as a developer, cockpit builder and regular simmer. Remember that the original question was if this is a good time to get into P3D. It would be very dishonest to say yes, when we see LM continue doing pretty much nothing, saying nothing about their future plans (if there are any), still refusing to even confirm bug reports, and 3rd party developers are running in another direction. We are simply not their target audience and this is really starting to show. Remember that this may be a person looking to invest a lot of time and money in this hobby. The least we could do is to make the recommendation to wait and see. I could not recommend anyone to invest heavily in a product that I see no future in, regardless if there are a bunch of nice addons for it today.
  6. It doesn't take 50+ pages to spell "submarine and a couple of fighter jets".
  7. What's your opinion on companies like A2A/PMDG/ORBX/FSDT/REX etc, do you think they're currently primarily investing time and effort in future products for P3D or has their focus switched to another sim? Many companies won't tell you this out loud (although some has), but If you look at the news page at FSElite and similar sites, addons and news regarding one particular sim is announced at an impressive rate. For other sims you get the impression that they're pretty much abandoned already. To me it's pretty clear where this is heading. If you're happy with the current addons then fine. Just be aware that as time goes by more and more of them will become abandoned. In that sense you could say the opposite of what you're saying: If you want to continue using quality 3rd party addons and continue to support those companies you mentioned, your choice of sim should match the choice of sim of the big developers.
  8. You actually proved my point exactly. Look at your post - almost all of those things you mentioned are actually not P3D innovations, they are 3rd party innovations. There are some great things in P3D but almost all of them are either thanks to previous FS/FSX developers or 3rd party developers. Did LM develop any complex airliner? Did LM redesign the entire weather system? Did LM redesign the ATC system? Or even repaint the taxiway signs? They gave us a submarine and a couple of fighter jets. They haven't even fixed many of the the 15 year old FSX bugs yet. Those innovations you're talking about were created by 3rd party developers and most of them are now focusing more and more on MSFS. For me it's not where we are now, it's where we're heading. A sim that is not moving forward is degrading every day.
  9. I don't think it's primarily the eye candy that made old time simmers switch. I think it's the fact that we finally, after many years of a whole lot of nothing, see some real innovation again. Sure, some features and details and addons will take some time. We'll get there. Calling it "your new flight game" and showing that kind of attitude against people who prefer another sim than you is just childish. Just as expected, "the big guys" liked your post. That kind of says it all and it's likely another reason for people to move away from the P3D community that is no longer as friendly as it should be.
  10. Agreed. Lots of people are extremely financially and emotionally invested in P3D so it's obviously no surprise they go very far to defend it. The sad thing though is that some of those people, who used to be helpful and friendly, now seem to go all in on bashing everything and everyone that raises any sort of criticism against P3D. I guess if you built yourself a name by posting an endless number of tweaks and your skills are now obsolete, that causes a lot of frustration. Personally, for me it's not about comparing software A and software B and which one is better right now or eats more VRAM etc. For me it's all about the future and where we're going and the level of interaction between users and developers and where 3rd party developers put their effort and so on. In that sense, my answer to the question asked by the creator of this topic is: No, not a chance.
  11. The lack of activity in this thread kind of says it all and it's really sad. No facts, no rumors, no gossip. Just a whole bunch of nothing. Where is the roadmap? Where is the community hub where LM involves the users? Where is the list of bug reports? How to you even report bugs and get feedback? Where are the regular development updates from LM involving the community, showing what they're working on and asking for feedback? Some people identified this in the very beginning, i.e. that we the flightsim community is not their target audience, we're just really cheap beta testers. Well here we are. Turns out they were totally right.
  12. Those who adapt are not toast. Those who don't adapt are toast. Not just in the flight sim world but life in general. With MSFS we could clearly see that most 3rd developers actually adapted in an impressive way, releasing really good addons pretty much from day one. From REX there was just silence though. And when there was finally an official statement they tried to sound positive but I think we can all agree that what they actually said was that they had absolutely no clue what to do and that there were no real plans. It makes you wonder where they had been all this time. It's pretty clear that Asobo worked closely with a huge number of 3rd party developers for a long time up to the release. Was REX not invited? Did they turn down the offer because they didn't belive in it? Did they realize that their products wasn't really needed in MSFS? Who knows. I hope they at least got a fair chance to join the party. I've used most REX products in FSX/Prepar3D over the years, I really liked them in the beginning but I have to agree with others that for every new release it became harder and harder to really understand what the product actually did or how it was different than the previous version. There was always this awesome next-gen revolutionary environment product soon to be released, so you hardly got any updates or bug fixes for your current product. And when it was released we always found out that it only replaced parts of the current product, which is now obsolete, so you have to buy some bundle to get the cloud textures or whatever back again, but that cloud product is put on hold because it will soon be replaced with this awesome next-gen revolutionary product, which only party replaces the current product... for years it just went on like this. One day I realized that I sat there with about 10 different products called something like REX 4 skyforce 3d texture direct 5 environment force with softclouds HD enhanced edition worldwide. Over at the REX forums we've seen many users asking "what does product X actually do and how it is different from product Y". If potential buyers (or even existing customers) are asking that, you are not doing a good job as a software developer.
  13. Actually, yes. Gauges and other info displays in modern a/c are actually "2d panels". The displays are usually just generic computer monitors and you can often select which data to display on which screen. So in that sense, yes, in real life it's often 2d panels that you can pop out and move around and resize. What's not realistic is actually to generate 2d panels in 3d like in the virtual cockpit in sims, but for obvious reasons that's what we have to do to make it feel realistic when playing a game using a single screen. The reason for having 2d panel support in the sim is of course to be able to build a realistic physical cockpit using multiple screens showing those gauges/panels. Just as in real life. People seem to confuse 2d cockpit with 2d panels every time this question comes up. Hopefully nobody wants a 2d cockpit rather than the VC anymore, but any cockpit builder would obviously prefer 2d.
  14. I don't even know what you mean by this. Again, the question was about individual 2d popups, not the entire 2d cockpit. That's a huge difference. Luckilly your statement "Nothing is 2d anymore" turned out to be false.
  15. Old tech? Glass cockpits aren't exactly new, but that's what's used in all airliners and most modern GA these days. Can you show us any real life modern a/c with a PFD that isn't a 2d panel on a regular computer screen?
  16. Can you elaborate on that? Can you please point us to your official source that confirms this? When you say "nothing", does that count for addon a/c as well? I.e. have PMDG removed all their 2D popup panels from the NGXu? 2D panels are pretty significant for cockpit builders or anyone else just wanting to display panels and gauges on separate screens.
  17. I'd rather have a sim that looks good with low FPS at the start but with a foundation written in a way that it can take advantage of future hardware improvements. Nobody knows how much effort will be put in maintaining and improving MSFS in the future or for how long. What we do know is that hardware will continue to improve. If we can take advantage of that without having to rely of constant redesigns of the core engine, like with certain other sims, that's a good thing. Too much eyecandy than we can handle can be a good thing. In other sims we pretty much the only improvement we see is increased FPS for every release. It's up to the point where we get an average FPS of 100+ but the sim still looks and feels like 5 years ago. That's a bad priority. If you get 150 FPS instead of 100 FPS with no other improvements, that's just a fail.
  18. Did PMDG say anything about an SDK for the NG3? I.e. the SDK like the one for NGX, or if that functionality is now available via the MSFS SDK somehow.
  19. MS should hire you to their MSFS support department. If it's a question regarding a realism issue: "Dude, chill, it's just a sim". If it's a question regarding a technical issue you have absolutely no clue about: "Dude, your lack of google skills is shocking me". No need for a CV. Just point to this thread. You're welcome.
  20. Once again, please read what I wrote. I explicitly said it was hard to tell from screenshots. That's why I asked for more information. The bug doesn't literally cause flashing in that sense but in a screenshot you would see that several lights are missing in a certain deterministic pattern. I'm not going into the technical details, it has already been done so many times before. Good for you if it wasn't a big deal for you. For anyone wanting to simulate realistic operations however, this bug is actually quite bad. In real life, if I was on final approach at night and noticed that a whole bunch of runway lights towards the end of the runway(s) in front of me were missing, only to start lighting up in pairs just in front of my a/c as I approach them, I would initiate a go-around and ask ATC what's going on. If the problem persists I would head for my alternate. In FSX/Prepar3D this bug affects every airport in the world so the alternate would have the issue as well, finally leading to an emergency landing. This pretty much means that realistic night operations in Prepar3D is impossible if you do it correctly. Some call this nitpicking and I don't agree. Sure we could ignore the issue during every landing and pretend that we can perform a operation even with the runway lights missing. But it would still look pretty darn ugly.
  21. If my disappointment of a 15 year old well known confirmed bug causing runway lights to flash like a christmas tree on steroids is considered nitpicking, then yes I'm nitpicking. Me and many others been coping with this bug for 15 long years and it makes the sim look really horrible at night. We've sent numerous bug reports to no avail. So excuse me if I'm a bit disappointment that the developers, years after confirming the bug, still aren't fixing it. I'm sure that we've all seen people being much more upset for less than that (did I here anything about tree sizes?). All I wanted was for someone to confirm that this bug was finally gone in MSFS. Depending on who you ask MSFS shares some of the same code base as FSX so I don't think the question is far fetched. Again, this whole thing has nothing to do with taxiway intersections or other reasons why some lights are left out on purpose. Absolutely nothing. It was all in the first post.
  22. You must be referring to "This is by design apparently. ICAO omits recessed edge lighting depending on runway type, surface and lighting intensity requirements.". In that case I have already responded multiple times. Strangely, pretty much everyone seems to ignore what my question was actually about. It had absolutely nothing to do with whether some runway lights can be omitted in some situations. It was about a 15 year old very well known bug. It's all there, in the very first post. At the top.
  23. Please read the original question and what the topic is really about. It was not about whether runway lights can be omitted at taxiway intersections in real life or in a sim. The question was regarding a 15 year old very well known bug causing ugly runway light artifacts that has nothing to do with taxiway intersections. This was mentioned in the very first post. As I thought I saw the artifact in screenshots where there were not any taxiway intersections I wanted to ask about this to make sure the bug is finally resolved. Again, all of this was mentioned in the very first post. Had you read it you could have saved yourself from that shock.
  24. Maybe it doesn't sound like a big deal to you but with all due respect you obviously don't know which bug we're talking about here. It has been present since FSX and is still just as present in Prepar3D v5. That's almost 15 years. LM confirmed the bug years ago but they never fixed it. It has absolutely nothing to do with performance/hardware/configuration/visibility, it's a hardcoded LOD radius combined with flawed logic that makes runway lights go on and off in a very deterministic and horrible pattern which is a total immersion killer. It affects every single airport, stock and addons, everywhere in the world. So yes for some people it's pretty bad, especially combined with the fact that the developer never created a fix. From the MSFS screenshots posted every now and then I noticed the runway light irregularities and thought it might be the same bug so that's why I wanted to ask. As you can see for yourself in the MSFS screenshots it has nothing to do with "available pixels" as you call it. As it seems, they have now implemented the omitting of runway lights at taxiway intersections so hopefully that would explain all of the irregularities.
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